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10 Good Reasons For Selecting Vinyl Click Floor

Vinyl or wood? Making compromises is not always required when given a choice. Sometimes you may not even have a choice to make.

Reasons For Selecting Vinyl Click Floor

Consider using vinyl click floor, which blend the advantages of both wood and vinyl. 10 explanations for selecting vinyl klickgolv:

Quick installation

Your 犀利士
ebygghandel.se/golv/vinylgolv.html”>vinylgolv klick can be quickly installed thanks to the unique locking technology, which is only available with goods. Similar four-sided locking profiles snap into place with ease, allowing you to quickly build a 12 m2 click floor. The locking profiles, however, can support up to 500 kg. Start on Saturday morning, and on Saturday afternoon, enjoy your new floor.

vinyl flooring click

No gimmicks

Do you frequently make impulsive purchases? You may lay vinyl click floor planks on top of any floor without a problem. All of these materials, concrete, tiles, wood, even common underlay or a floor with some adhesive residue left—are OK. No preparation is required; simply cut the boards to size with a Stanley knife. No time was lost!

Small size

It is obvious that a click floor weight is unimportant once it has been installed, but it has a significant impact during installation. Comparatively speaking, vinyl click floor planks are around 30% lighter than comparable click-installation flooring. Therefore, there will be a lot less groaning and carrying around of heavy, awkward boards. To put it another way: just positive news.


It is 50% quieter than comparable premium vinyl flooring click, so you won’t hear the heavy thuds of dropped objects or the clicking of high heels anymore. Your click floor is like placing a layer of soundproof cushioning throughout your home. Even your downstairs neighbors will peacefully appreciate your click floor!

Always tidy

vinyl floor

Your vinyl flooring click just requires the occasional wiping because of their top coating. What could be more practical than a click floor made of clean planks? Building board is also shielded from normal wear and tear by their top coating.

Warm and cozy

A vinyl flooring is never cold. And it unquestionably also applies to vinyl flooring click planks. They not only have a lovely wood appearance, but underfloor heating goes perfectly with them. The perfect union for even more ecstatic warmth and relaxation.

Completely recyclable

Finished building board may be recycled indefinitely. Additionally, they are made with regard for both people and the environment. For this reason, they are created right here under rigorous environmental regulations and to the greatest standards possible. Additionally, the reduced carbon impact is a wonderful perk.

Consider the bigger picture!

The benefits of taking a broad view can sometimes be enormous. Because of this, XXL-sized vinyl flooring click are also offered. These extraordinarily huge planks not only take less time to install but also emit a sense of space, giving your living room or workplace an incredibly breathtaking appearance. A win-win circumstance!

For water lovers as well!

vinyl planks may now be purchased in a worry-free, waterproof form with the GlueDown option. Perfect for both little and large miscreants, including youngsters with muddy wellies, pets that have been wet by the rain, and cyclo-cross cyclists covered in muck. customized for real life

Be versatile!

You do not need to choose a traditional plank design. Instead, you might go with a chic herringbone pattern, mix different wood tones for a special click floor, or make a transition from vinyl flooring click to vinyl tiles. There are countless other styles available to us!

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