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4 Beautiful Treks in Ladakh

Visitors to Ladakh can enjoy some fantastic and interesting trekking opportunities. This Himalayan region is a paradise for adventure seekers looking to be surrounded by mountains and peaks. In Ladakh, there are numerous trekking alternatives ranging in difficulty and duration. Some journeys take two weeks to accomplish, while others are only three days long. Regardless, any of these journeys will provide you with lifelong experiences. Have a look on some treks –

1. Snow Leopard Trek

The Snow Leopard Trip is unlike any other trek in Ladakh in terms of thrills and chills! Because Ladakh is home to one of the world’s rarest wild animals, the Snow Leopard, this trek is held every year in February and March in the Hemis National Park. Other uncommon Himalaya mammals such as Ladakh urials, Asiatic Ibex, blue sheep, Tibetan wolves, and others can be found with the elusive Snow Leopard. Though the trek’s highest point is only 3956 metres, the excitement and patience of waiting for days to see the big cat multiplies or even triples the trek’s thrill and fun!

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2. Markha Valley Trek

The Markha Valley Trek spans a maximum altitude of 5260 metres and may be done in a week with a very easy to moderate hiking level. It’s perfect for small groups or even families with children who want to mingle with the locals and see what animals they can spot along the way. The Markha Valley Trek follows the Indus River and is between the snow-capped Stok Kangri Massif in the north and the Zanskar mountain range in the south.

The longest path to the Markha Valley is from Spituk, which passes through spectacular brownish-hued terrain and traverses the Ganda La (4961 m) and the Kongmaru La. (5260 m). You could also take the shorter route from Chilling. This walk is one of the greatest for you and your loved ones to embark on together, with small towns intermingled with green barley fields where you can spend your time in homestays and engage with the inhabitants amidst the stunning mountainous scenery.

3. Sham Valley Trek

The Sham Valley Trip, often known as the ‘baby walk,’ is a three-day trek that runs through the lower portions of Ladakh and has a moderate difficulty level. Visit the age-old Rizong monastery from Yangthang, the Alchi, Likir, and Basgo monasteries, or embark from Khaltse to reach Temisgam to extend the adventure. With a maximum elevation of 3874 metres, you’ll need some physical fitness as well as sufficient acclimatisation to complete this journey. Staying in remote homestays and learning about the Ladakhis’ culture and traditions while eating delectable native cuisine is an exciting possibility! Individual travellers as well as those travelling with families and children will enjoy the Sham Valley Trek. Also have a look on Buran ghati trek and Bhrigu lake trek .

4. Dzo Jongo Peak

The Dzo Jongo Peak, also known as the Kang Yatze’s twin peak, stands tall at 6240 metres and offers a highly demanding and steep approach while remaining non-technical. Though crampons and ropes are practically necessary, you do not need to be an expert mountaineer or rock climber to reach the summit of Dzo Jongo Peak. The Dzo Jongo Peak has a twin summit, which adds to its unusual but unique taste. The eastern one offers panoramic views of the Knag Yatze, Changthang Valley mountains, the Stok Kangri peak, and even the faraway Karakoram range, which is home to the mythical K2 or Godwin Austen.

Climbing the Dzo Jongo Peak is entirely possible with adequate acclimatisation and a reasonable degree of fitness. Due to the level of difficulty, it is not recommend to travel with small groups, families, or children. The top can by campaigners with prior climbing expertise. It will also aid amateur climbers in their preparation for their next high-altitude climb.

Now that you’ve learned about the numerous treks available in Ladakh’s stunning landscapes, it’s time to pack your bags, get your permits, and get moving! So, if you have an adventurous spirit, a taste for adventure, and a desire to lose yourself in the colours of different landscapes, trekking in Ladakh is for you. These treks always exude a sense of seclusion amidst natural splendour.

Let’s go right to organising a short trekking trip to Ladakh, including every detail that will come in helpful during those treks. Ladakh is a place you’ll want to visit every year because it offers some of the most exciting hikes and adventure activities. We’ve talked about some of the most amazing journeys in Ladakh that you can take to boost your travel experience.

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