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4 Creative DIY Ideas to Give a Personalized Touch to Your Photo Frame

Have you ever had a party where most of the presents you receive are photo frames? Or are you the one who cannot think of any other item to gift better than a photo frame? Aren’t we all already bored with this casual picture frame gift?

In reality, Photo frames are not the subject of boredom; they are evergreen beautiful. It is a concept of gifting and receiving Photo frames that have bored us; because of the impersonal gesture, they symbolize. They come with a picture of that perfect family; who we don’t know, that smiling baby, which is not our, the cozy couple; who we hate, or a white paper explaining the size of that frame.

You can change the comment of your loved one saying, “Aahh, another photo frame.” and switch them into “Aww, another photo frame.” with a personalized touch. This article will help you know; tricks for making your gift the best gift at the party and become the center of attraction.

1- The old cut and paste technique

The best way to provide a personal touch to a normal-looking wall photo frame is to add some things that can remind the frame owner about you. Instead of giving the photo frame online as it came or adding a picture. Place a piece of you that will be meaningful. The start will be buying a frame get a single A4 size photo frame with an exquisite border made of wood, brass, or leather. You can add a variety of things in that A4 size frame that shows your regard. Cut an old newspaper from any written side, burn it from all sides, and place it in one corner. After that, add a beautiful Polaroid picture of the receiver in another corner. Then take a piece of paper to write your message, cut it, and place it in the center. Also, add anything personal such as a piece of cloth which will mean something, a handwritten letter, a bracelet, an earning, anything meaningful. Now make this masterpiece and get ready for a heartfelt thank you.

2- Create a collage of your preserved memories

A collage of memories is not only concerned with creating a collage of your pictures. It is the old boring way of being nostalgic. In the modern world, we get attached to things. First, you need to buy a collage photo frame; try online or offline stores. Start with looking for statement pieces, such as wooden and custom photo frames. Buy an unattached college with single photo frames, such as a set of 3 or 4 same-sized photo frames, symmetric photo frames, and Dual or triple attached photo frames, any of these can be converted into something meaningful. All you need to add is your memories, such as movies or concert tickets, which you attended together. Add a rapper of chocolate that you have preserved, a handwritten note, a check of your first date together, a postcard from where you traveled together, traveling tickets, anything which can be a run down on memory lane. In case you choose to go with the triple attached photo frame. You can also make a journey train with some craft skills and your memory symbols.

3- Play tricks with flowers

Flowers denote positive and warm feelings. They also have the power to bewitch someone to make them calm and happy. There are some wildflowers and stems which never leave their color or texture. Place those flowers in a glass photo frame; that is visible from both sides. You can also add artificial scented flowers or some memories preserved as flowers, such as the garland from a wedding or a wreath from a funeral, which someone would like to save. Also, explore mirror online for bedroom and living room.

4- Deliver a message with creative things

Lastly, there are many ways to express your feeling. Buy a beautiful blue picture frame, a wooden photo frame, etc., and add your message. For example, write Marry Me, I Love You, or Best Friends for Life, and decorate it with your pictures. You can also get more creative and buy a photo and mold frame gift set. In the photo frame: write your message, and in the mold frame: add your figure prints.

If you like any of these ideas, implement them. Don’t let this precious gift of a photo frame or a picture frame get extinct just because we don’t add value to it. Add things into them which are worth treasuring for many years. Always remember that the love of photo frames that exists among people is due to the emotion they carry within.

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