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5 Different Types of Wardrobe Designs

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Wardrobe selection and positioning is one of the crucial steps of Interior Design as it instantly uplifts the look and functionality of the house. There are many different types of wardrobe designs. Some are simple and basic, while others are more elaborate and detailed. The most important factor  to consider when selecting a wardrobe design is what type of clothing you will be storing in it.

A minimalistic design may be all you need if you only need to keep a few items. However, if you have an extensive collection of clothing, then considering an elaborate wardrobe design is the better option. Choosing the right wardrobe is a must for modern home décor.

  1. Hinged Door Wardrobe

Hinged Door Wardrobe









A hinged-door wardrobe is a classic wardrobe that has been used for centuries. It is a simple wardrobe with a door that opens and closes on hinges. The door can be opened and completed by hand or using a handle. The door can be opened from the side or the top. The doors can be locked with the help of a key or with a combination lock. The doors can be decorated with a mirror, a picture or a design and can be made of different materials, such as wood, Metal, glass or plastic. The door can be made of various sizes. This classic wardrobe can be found in almost every middle class household.

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2. Free Standing Wardrobe

Free Standing Wardrobe

Freestanding wardrobe is one of the most common Wardrobes and is usually made from wood or Metal and is designed to stand alone in a room and appears to be like a show piece. This may also be considered as a Budget wardrobe as it comes at a reasonable price and is not needed to be fixed or constructed.  These wardrobes are often very simple in design and have few features.  However, they can be stylish and add a lot of character to a room. One can definitely buy a freestanding Wardrobe to enhance the look of the room as well as store their clothes and belongings.

3. Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

The sliding door wardrobe is popular amongst people who want a clean and sleek look in their bedroom. This type of wardrobe allows you to have a modern look without worrying about the wardrobe taking up too much space. The sliding door wardrobe is also effortless to keep clean and is very easy to maintain. These are available in many different sizes and styles. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and materials. Choose from various finishes, a glossy finish or a matte finish. You can also choose from a variety of different textures according to your preference.

4. Walk-in Wardrobe


A walk-in wardrobe is large enough to allow the user to walk into it rather than having to reach in from the outside. Walk-in closets are typically found in high-end homes and can be used for storing clothing, shoes, and other personal items.

These are similar to built-in wardrobes but are designed to be used as a dressing room. Walk-in closets often have a lot of storage space and can be stylish. They can also be very convenient for those who do not want to deal with the hassle of a built-in wardrobe.

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5. Customized Wardrobe


A customized wardrobe is a wardrobe designed specifically for an individual in accordance with their instructions. This means that the cabinet will be made to measure and will be designed to suit the individual’s specific needs and requirements.

Knowing about different kinds of wardrobe designs, which one would you choose for your house? Think about it!

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