5 hobbies to make money online

Knitting, embroidery

Knitting is a popular hobby and easy to learn. Even if you donโ€™t know how to hold knitting needles in your hands, just watch a couple of video tutorials to knit a scarf or hat. And it is so addictive that in a year all your relatives and friends walk around in the knitted things you donated. It’s time to make others happy with a sweater with deer, knee socks, or a soft toy(online).

Another option is to sell not your own products, but knitting patterns and materials, as Valentina Stupichkina does in her store. The business began with the sale of knitted hats through an Instagram account.

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Making jewelry

Learning how to make jewelry from precious stones and metals is incredibly difficult: long training, years of practice, expensive consumables. Fortunately, handmade jewelry is also appreciated. Aside from being cute, original, and affordable, it is also extremely affordable

for its manufacture, you can do without gold and diamonds.

Candle Making

Candles are no longer just an interior item that sits on a shelf and gathers dust. They are set on fire during practices and meditations, family and romantic dinners, aromatherapy.

Candles made from soy and beeswax are gaining great popularity. For example, make them from the foundation. They look original and completely safe: they are made from natural beeswax, they do not smoke when burned, and do not emit carcinogens. And what a flavor.

The recipe for success in various forms and beautiful packaging. Making candles is not difficult, and even a kitchen is suitable from the premises.

In addition, soy candles are included in the list of 15 trending products for Instagram. Seize the moment.

Their shape, size, and content are only limited by your imagination. Don’t forget to make jewelry boxes or bags with your logo. Customers love to post on social networks the unpacking of goods in beautiful packaging.

And when you become a professional, you can earn extra money on masterclasses in making jewelry.

Making soap and bath bombs

Here’s what will never or at least not soon go out of fashion, so it’s soap and all kinds of bath additives: bombs, milk, salt with aromatic oils and herbs.

Just like candle-making, you need space and imagination to make your products interesting and varied. There are two ways to make soap: bright and unusual, or natural.

And again, do not forget about the beautiful and original packaging. Often it is she who becomes the decisive factor in making a purchase decision.


When it comes to selling food, the first things that come to mind are cakes, cupcakes, and other custom-made sweets. Think big! You can sell anything that is tastier and healthier than store-bought products: marshmallow, salted caramel, pasta from various types of nuts, sauces, homemade pickles and marinades, jam. Or homemade dishes in the form of semi-finished products that are sold at food panda.

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