5 Must-Visit Beautiful Flower Gardens in the World

Who doesn’t love strolling in a wonderful garden? It is a rejuvenating retreat from boring, ordinary life. The gardens of each nation seem uniquely amazing from each other by the essence and civilization of their nationality. So don’t you believe that while touring, these gardens must be visited in every country? Yes! Hence, this blog is all rejuvenating! Take a look and Visit the best five flower gardens to visit in the world.

  • France – Gardens of Versailles:

This large garden, locate towards the west of the Palace of Versailles, is scattere over 2,000 acres of property. The lawn of Versailles encircles 800 hectares of soil, with the existing landscape constructed by Andre Le Notre – the gardener. The gardens of Versailles are the nicest example of a traditional French garden layouts. It retains 300 hectares of woodland, 35 km of canals, 373 statues, hundreds of acres of blossom beds, and 600 fountains.

The gardens consist of statues, blooms, and fountains wheeling back to the period of Louis XIV. The lawn of Versailles was called the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whenever you get some time to visit France, don’t forget to go to the Garden of Versailles. The fresh garden flowers are truly mesmerizing and beautiful. Hence, you can opt to send gorgeous happy birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, Valentine’s Day flowers, and other varieties as per the occasion to your loved ones with the help of online flower delivery services.

  • Netherlands – Keukenhof, Lisse:

Keukenhof is one of the massive flower gardens on the planet, which possess the land of over 80 acres. And with all that appears, a bunch of bulbs – nearly 7 million are root each year for a stunning spring blossom (the garden is only available during March and May). The garden is track down in the western side of the Netherlands – in the city of Lisse. It is also recognized as the Garden of Europe. Keukenhof Gardens is available during the spring, from March to late May. During this period, lots of tulip blossoms bloom in this garden. Apart from the gorgeous tulip bulbs, you can also glimpse bluebells, daffodils, and hyacinths. The garden also introduces the world’s biggest lily show. 

Dubai Miracle Garden:

The term – miracle garden – completely characterizes what this flower garden in Dubai appears like. The Miracle Garden is an authentic work of masterpiece and one of the biggest and most wonderful flower gardens in the globe. Every day the structure of this incredible garden shifts, providing visitors always a fresh experience and a unique understanding when touring. It is available from November to mid-May for tourists, when you can admire the wonderful landscape of this lawn. Whenever you want to visit Dubai, don’t forget to attend to the beauty of this place. Like this garden’s fresh blooms, online flower outlets also have a wide range of beautiful and fresh flowers. Hence, on any celebratory occasion, you can send gifts online and a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms to your near and dear ones.

  • Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto, Piedmont, Italy:

Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto is a botanical garden in Italy that is scatter over 16 hectares of the area in the Piedmont sector in northwestern Italy. Villa Taranto’s outstanding botanical gardens uniquely retain no entrance fee. This unrestricted tourist enchantment has a 4.3-mile away to walk. This botanical garden has more than 20,000 variations of plants of millions of unique species. It has a massive collection of tropical lotus, tulip, dahlias, magnolia,  plants, camellia, and heather. In addition, Italian-style sculptures, ceilings, waterfalls, ponds, and fountains can also be spot in Giardini Botanici.

  • Lodhi Gardens, Delhi:

Within the restless essence of Delhi, Lodhi Garden delivers visitors a sight of bliss. The garden is a traditional oasis for the townies pursuing a relaxing break, but Lodhi Garden is also residence to some of the city’s most admired architectural locations. Garden lake – bridged by the vaulted Athapula bridge – the garden is another wonderful tourist attraction place.

Get motivated by these wonderful gardens all through the planet and send flower bunches through the online flower delivery services to your precious ones as a gift of care and affection. You will discover new and wonderful flowers online from any reputable online flower outlet. Share your experience whenever you get the chance to visit these beautiful gardens.

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