6 Mario games have the highest player ratings in 2022.

Only in the very finest mario games do we get to see Mario’s extraordinary journeys. Despite having a long history of games spread across so many of Nintendo’s consoles over the years. Some of the best Mario games are also counted among our pick of the best Switch exclusives and best Switch games around. Demonstrating how the series continues to capture our imagination and delight us in equal measure.Switching from 2D to 3D and expanding beyond the Mushroom Kingdom are only two examples of how the Mario series has adapted to the times and introduced new ideas while shaking up the traditional platforming formula. In the following, we’ll review the entire history of this beloved franchise, from its earliest episodes to the most recent ones. Without further ado, continue reading below to take part in our celebration of the finest Mario games ever made.

1. Super Mario Run

Mời tải về Super Mario Run chính thức cho Android

The Mario game that dispelled any doubts about Nintendo’s modernity. While veteran players of the franchise likely to be put off by the game’s attempts to mimic Canabalt’s gameplay. The vivacious spirit of Mario’s classic escapades can still be found in Super Mario Run. While the game will handle the running for you, quick reflexes will be needed to help the plumber jump for money and avoid the game’s famous monsters. Super Mario can played on your phone seems like a reason to celebrate.

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2. Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker™ 2 for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Official Site

In this sequel, you get direct creative control over three decades’ worth of classic platforming history, even if it isn’t a traditional Mario adventure. What makes this game as near as Mario will ever go to LittleBigPlanet is its community of fan-created courses. Nintendo also provides a novel campaign that serves as a great introduction to the game’s user-friendly level-editing tools. And a satisfying, tailor-made taste of single-player 2D Mario action.

3. New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. | Nintendo DS | Games | Nintendo

Earlier iterations of Nintendo’s DS handheld utilized the tried and proven Mario concept. One of the best plumber platformers of the contemporary age and, for that matter, one of the best DS games of all time, Super Mario 3D World delivered stunning visuals. And gameplay that blended parts of SNES-period Mario with the butt stomp and triple leap of Super Mario 64.

It was also playful with Mario’s proportions, using the huge mushroom from Mario Party 4 to make him as big as Godzilla. In addition, the inclusion of a challenge option significantly increased the game’s replay value. And provided the kind of pick-up-and-play convenience that makes this portable Mario game a must-have for any fan.

4. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Video Game) - TV Tropes

Super Mario Land is a great game, although the original is a little off. Totally unusual. Strange music and effects play throughout the game, which also has horizontally scrolling shooter stages and some peculiar power-ups and foes. You probably aren’t surprised to learn that Gunpei Yokoi’s R&D1 worked on it instead of Miyamoto’s EAD team, but you might be surprised to learn that in developing the sequel 6 Golden Coins, Yokoi and company were inspired by games like Mario 3 to craft a game with a more familiar, yet still distinctive, feel.

Super Mario Land 2 was a triumph for Mario fans, delivering on their expectations with a cartoony aesthetic. And detailed sprites reminiscent of Mario World, a wealth of unique theme worlds, and novel, yet approachable power-ups. (A return of Rabbit Mario would greatly welcomed.) Super Mario Land 2 introduced the world to the adorable misfit Mario, as the jerky double stole Mario’s castle (Mario owns a castle? And Mario had to overcome several challenging foes to get the six Golden Coins he needed to vanquish Wario and reclaim his castle. Mario Land 2 was not the easiest game ever mad. But it still considered one of the best platformers ever made for portable gaming systems.

5. Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. | NES | Games | Nintendo

It was the original. It released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). And the Japanese Famicom, and widely regarded as the game that popularized the platform genre and established jumping as Mario’s primary means of moving through levels. Using acrobatic jumping moves to attack, traverse gaps, and land blows on foes. You can smash bricks and put up blocks. Nintendo almost went with Jumpman for their new mascot, but thankfully they rethought the name. We literally escaped death by a Bullet Bill.

In spite of its 8-bit blockiness, the original Super Mario Bros. remains one of the best NES games of all time. The controls are tight, the platforming is precise. And there are plenty of mysteries to uncover to make it worthwhile to scour the levels, despite them being decades old. Modern gamers want to know if they can make it to the end of the game without using a warp pipe.

6. Super Mario Sunshine

Walkthrough - Super Mario Sunshine Wiki Guide - IGN

Super Mario Sunshine was always going to feel like the middle child of the plumber’s 3D renaissance, sandwiched between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. This GameCube classic puts a quirky but endearing spin on Mario’s N64 accomplishments by sending him on a peaceful eco-tour.

Mario’s main weapon in his mission to clean up Isle Defino is not his trademark butt stomp but rather the ingenious F.L.U.D.D. A water-spraying jet pack, the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device helps Mario reach new heights. While the sun-kissed island may be repetitive, this is actually one of the plumber’s best works that receives little attention.

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