To become a cosmetologist is a dream of thousands of doctors. It is one of the most exciting options after completion of the medical degree. Healthcare professionals can make the best use of their expertise and enhance their knowledge to expand their existing business (clinic/practice). That is why more and more doctors are enrolling every year for cosmetology /aesthetic medicine courses. 

The results that come with a career in aesthetics are both challenging and rewarding. Unlike conventional medicine, where you are trying to treat a damaged health issue, aesthetics creates the chance for you to improve a patient’s image and assist them in creating the best physical version of them.  At a glance, cosmetology courses might look expensive but they are many efficient ways to reduce cosmetology course fees.

If the cost of Cosmetology Courses looks like a huge and daunting number to you, don’t worry – we have options at ILAMED Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine to help you bring down the fees –

Start With the basics

Cosmetic Medicine is one of the most thriving fields at present. It covers a huge array of invasive and non-invasive treatment options. You can always start with joining the fundamental course for doctors including Injectable treatment options like Botox or derma fillers and later on, can add lasers, mesotherapy, and hair transplant to your regime. Institutes like ILAMED offers a wide range of options where you can choose your course based on the duration of the course, the location of the program, and how much you have to pay for it. 

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Keep upgrading yourself

Leading doctors and general practitioners who feel stuck in their practice can enhance their non-progressive, monotonous jobs and hospital into a prime cosmetology centre. After attending a range of medical courses available for doctors you gain the ability to control your income and can gradually raise their bars into a full-time cosmetologist.


Delegates set eyes on cosmetology course fees not just on the tuition fees, but also cost of books ,living hood expenses ,transport cost, etc. With the advent of technology to reduce the cost of program doctors can always attend theory classes online in their hometown and can join HANDS-ON at the prime centre. ILAMED assists delegates by providing soft copies of all the study material once registration is completed.


Doctors are blessed with an ingenious mind ,further to add if they have an aspiration to create it makes them one of the flourishing aesthetic medicine practitioners. As a result cosmetologist, their talent and skill are always high in demand in the aesthetic industry. Hence high earning potential of the field makes you easily pay off the loans taken to attend the courses designed especially for doctors. 


To support your strong desire to become a cosmetologist, you can get the money you need without breaking the bank deposits. Reaching your goals is easier than you may think. ILAMED offers payment in installments (EMI options) to steadily reduce your financial load.


 Considering the busy schedule of doctors and medical students, ILAMED has designed the courses to meet their needs. They can easily join these courses for doctors as an add-on to their existing practice .These courses simply transform their profile from a general practitioner to a renowned cosmetologist without digging into the existing practice, hence aiding them to easily pay off their cosmetology course fee. 


If you are passionate about cosmetology or esthetics, ILAMED IS THE INSTITUTE FOR YOU. They are internationally accredited and provide a world-class learning experience for doctors. Most importantly they solve your queries and assist in financial aid in every possible way. They groom their delegates for success in the domain of cosmetology and ensure that you can focus on the curriculum, not the pressure of paying cosmetology course fees. Call us today to get started.

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