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7 Dumb Mistakes Ebook Writer Commit To And How To Avoid Them


Whether or not you’re a professional writer, it is ok to commit some mistakes while writing an ebook. But not rectifying those mistakes gradually will let you a failure if you have planned to choose book writing as a career path(ebooks).

To your surprise, often many professional ebook writers get stuck in a situation that they find unescapable initially. To avoid or overcome these sorts of errors, it is necessary to get to know about them. Writers, with little or no prior experience in composing books earlier, are encouraged to read and have a clear understanding.

Following are some silly mistakes that must be corrected as soon as possible to leverage your career.

Opting for a topic you know very little about

Writing about an ambiguous theme that you are not familiar with much can be frustrating as the book proceeds. In this regard, the best way is to first figure out the most enticing topic that must be capable enough to captivate readers’ interest.

Don’t ever go for a dry and monotonous one to try to show yourself as a scientist or some sophisticated magnate. Practice creating effective hooks that will tether the audience to the book till all the chapters end. Hooks are the crucial components and tend to have the ability to persuade a reader that the content is going to be worthy enough within the first 4 to 5 seconds of reading.

Besides, going forth impromptu without decent research will lead to closed doors. Good writers always do a sound amount of work garnering special and catchy facts and figures to add to their composition.

Moving on Without Plans

Suppose a topic pops up in someone’s mind and he or she abruptly grabs a laptop to start writing it. Will he or she be ever able to finish the book successfully this way without designing a proper plan sheet and working accordingly? The answer is “absolutely NO”.

It also does not mean that you have to open up your online or desktop editing tools right away and go ahead jotting down everything that comes to mind. Brainstorming is a quintessential way to garner all the supporting information(ebooks).

Meditation also helps enhance the overall brain functions. Try to be productive by coming up with creative ideas for your first or next ebook.


Thinking of writing a whole book in one go is a childish approach and lets the writer lose all the spirit. Divide your day in chunks and allow yourself to find inner peace. A peaceful mindset helps develop unmatched ideas providing valuable content for your book.

But it also doesn’t mean not being consistent and overlooking working regularly. Once a writer starts writing he or she is advised to stay persistent without halting the process for an unknown time(ebooks).

The best and most easy way is to assign a specific word count to yourself or a ghostwriter employed to write for you. Target that word count and strive to achieve it by writing one chapter each day. Take out some time for yourself to avoid feeling burdensome and get refreshed.

No Professional Assistance

Novice writers often think of it as opulence to hire pro-editors. Well, there exist many other ways to carry out proofreading and editing for your book. It is important because no one wants the readers to point out major or minor grammatical errors. Other than that, it leaves quite a negative impact making the reader think if the book is written by some professional author.

Appoint an authentic proofreader to edit some of the initial chapters, one or two. This way you’ll have to figure out mistakes he has corrected. Afterward, you’ll be able to edit the same mistakes that occurred as the content proceeds(ebooks).

Instead of finding other productive solutions, try to resolve them by discussing them with your friends who you know as good writers.

Think as if you are the reader

While writing, think of yourself as a reader for just a minute or two. What would you want while reading? Good topics, simple tone, a robust hook, no errors, and useful information (in the case of an informational book), however, if it’s fictional then a captivating story.

Incorporate a reader-friendly approach into your book and see the magic happening.

By this, we simply mean working without particular deadlines. As we all know that “Goals without deadlines are just like dreams”.

Irresponsible Attitude

n: justify;”>It’s impossible to write a book if you don’t hold yourself accountable. This is the polar opposite of the first error. It’s a terrible error to write without someone else holding your responsibility if you slack.

You’ll never complete unless you have someone to hold you accountable, such as a manager, a colleague, or your family. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever attempted to lose weight, go to a workout, or save money on your own. You’ll fail if you don’t have someone pushing you or taking anything away if you don’t keep your word.

Besides, deadlines, make your move towards timely completion. Writers often go through this phase during the composition of a book or any other piece of wordsmithery. Doing this will build a strong habit of completing all the chapters in time. Time management is the key concept known in all professional fields of work.

A book that acquires no Readers

There may be many people that won’t want to purchase a single copy of your creation. But that’s ok and you don’t need to take it to your heart rather always get prepared to counter situations like these.

Visiting popular online book stores or other platforms providing e-commerce services will help get insights through ratings and reviews. Making it easy for avid writers to select a better topic next time.

The Title Trick

Each and everything will play an equal role to take your composition to the next level by gradually enhancing the ebook sale. Designate an astounding title and let your potential competent wow. The only alteration you can make to your EBook’s title is to make it more appealing to your audience and urge them to join. You’ve probably heard the expression “first impressions are lasting impressions,” and you might not have another opportunity to shine your reader. As a result, it’s preferable to develop a title that your target audience will like reading.

Designing book Cover and Putting it at the stake

Being a brilliant writer doesn’t mean you can be a good designer as well. Don’t make the mistake of risking your book’s selling potential by designing its cover yourself. Since the cover is an actual representation and speaks of what’s inside it. Therefore, stay away from the design work and hire some pro-visualizer who is capable enough to design an appealing cover.

Multiple catchy design elements make the readers purchase your book at once. Try to let it be created in a manner that tends to speak out and attract more buyers.

Be Audience Centric

The main purpose of unleashing any sort of artwork into the market is to make it approachable to the public. Choosing topics that are generally not liked by the readers is like beating a dead horse. The idea to invest your time and resources in such a task that will give nothing but zero sales is worth reconsidering. But don’t get disappointed and make a little more effort to come up with an engaging theme.

Ebook Marketing Should not Be Overlooked

That’s possible that you’ll create an ebook but fail to tell your readers about it. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make since it might cause you to postpone your book release until you have the marketing materials ready.

Creating an ebook is more than just writing a book; it necessitates having just what you need to reach potential customers. This implies that before you launch your ebook, you should build a buzz that will help your ebook succeed.

Make the most of Your Friends’ Circle

Everyone has a few friends who are very much into reading books. Reach out to them after completing writing and offer them free copies. Consequently, you will get the very initial reviews and remarks about your work.

Undoubtedly, friends will do honest analyses and will work as a critic before publication. Resultantly, provide an opportunity for you to improve the content. Friends are very helpful when you feel like quitting but they provide firm support and encouragement to reach the objective during any difficult journey.

If you are surrounded by these kinds of friends, you are lucky.

Final Remarks

You’ve discovered seven common blunders that prevent authors from completing their works. But now that you recognize what problems are and can eliminate them, you won’t be deterred by them.

Imagine continuously working on your book, understanding why you’re writing it, and being ready to get paid for it. Set a deadline for yourself and don’t allow anything to get in the way. We’ll eagerly await the completion of your book.

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