7 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Blogs for SEO

If you are a blogger and want to rank your blog post at top positions on SERPs then follow the below tips for good SEO practice. In this blog, I have explained tips on how to get website rank on Google within few months and how to optimize blogs to get organic website traffic and ranking. So let’s get to the topic.

1] Choose a Topic with High Potential Volume

If you are a website owner and can’t find an idea to blog, then you can use paid tools like AHref or SEMRUSH to search for topics. First, you need to find keywords with low competition and high volume. Because if you choose low competition keywords, there are more chances of blogs getting high ranking on SERPs. If you want to get high rankings without doing this kind of work, you can hire an SEO marketing agency. Additionally, if you live in boulder US, you can hire a Boulder SEO marketing agency.

2] Cover Improtant Topic

After choosing the keywords you need to find a sub topic that you can add to your blog. For that just type your keywords and you will see google auto suggestion keywords, people also ask and semantic keywords. From there you can take an idea and create specific blog post subtopics. Because the volume of these keywords is high and they are searched many times by users.

3] Optimized Your Blog

Once you find the topics and subtopics, it’s time to optimize the blog post. For that you have to do complete on-page SEO which covers the following steps.

  • Title and Meta Description: Add your primary keyword in the title and also keep the meta description unique from others.
  • Image Optimization: Add image alt text and compress content images
  • Add primary secondary keywords to the header text but also optimize the header text

4] Interlinked with Related Blogs

Interlinking is the best method if you want to get instant organic traffic to your blog. If you publish more and more blogs but you don’t link the blog posts to each other then it is useless and not beneficial for website ranking. Interlinking increases website crawling and indexing requests and ultimately website ranking on SERPs as well.

5] Optimized Featured Snippets

If you don’t know how to write content and you are scraping content. Even if your article is unique it will not rank on SERPs. Because you are trying to write copied content and Google will add that content to scraping content category. But chances of getting high website ranking if you want to write user satisfied content and your blogs will satisfy all queries searched by users.

6] Create Link Building

If your article still appears at the bottom on Google and not at the top. Then you need to do link building of specific posts. Because link building strategy is considered as the best method in SEO for website ranking position. This can help you increase your web page position on SERPs organically. If you can’t do that, you can outsource the linking work to building services.


From above discussion I hope you have followed SEO strategy to get better ranking. If you implement this strategy on your website on a daily basis I guarantee your website will rank on SERPs within a few months.

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