7 Reasons To Pursue Masters in Finance from Uk


A Master’s in Finance is a very lucrative career to pursue, as finance is something which has been a high paying job across the globe. But no matter how great a degree might be, its value is even more increased if it is completed by a well-recognised institution and if it is from a prestigious country, then it is even better(master in finace).

If we talk about post-graduation degrees, then nothing is much better than the United Kingdom. The royal country has a long record of providing valuable education to its students. The universities are also among the top in the world. Therefore if you are thinking about pursuing a master’s in finance then the United Kingdom may be something that you are looking for.

In this reading, we will be discussing 7 reasons for doing a master’s in finance in the UK. I would suggest you stick with me till the end because there are some important points that you might not want to miss.

7 reasons why you should pursue a master’s in finance in the UK

Home of the top Universities in the world

Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London and many more great universities of the world are situated in the United Kingdom. And many more, you just make lists of top universities in the world, most of them will be UK based. The UK has some of the top colleges for masters in finance.

Best Professors and Faculty

The United Kingdom is well renowned in the world for having the best professors in the world. A qualified professor knows what to explain and how much to explain. There are a lot of universities that have these types of faculty.

Especially for finance, the most qualified and experienced professors are there in every university

Great Career Opportunities

Graduates from the United Kingdom have really great career opportunities. The reasons for this are the points that we have discussed above. Companies know this very well and that is why they offer great packages to the graduates from the United Kingdom.

  • If you are going for a career in investment banking, the average package you could expect is $97,500
  • Stockbroker career grants an average annual package of $50,200 on entry-level.
  • $66,700 per annum is the average salary package of a financial consultant who has graduated from the United Kingdom.
  • The insurance broker gets an annual package of $69,700 as a fresher.

These are just a few roles that we have discussed, there are much more roles and job offers than these. Finance is a very huge field and there are numerous roles in this field.

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Exciting places to visit

This point is not from a study or career point of view. But we should look for other things as well because when you study in a different country the overall experience also plays a key role in your studies.

The United Kingdom is loaded with various beautiful places and landscapes where you can go in your leisure time. Your overall living experience is also important so that you focus on your studies in a much better way.

Various Specializations

Various schools such as IE Business School offer a variety of specializations to their students pursuing master’s. These are the programmes that add a lot of value to your current degree that you are pursuing and enable you to attain mastery in a particular field(master in finace). 

Master the high in-demand skills

Many top-ranked schools such as Oxford University and Cambridge University are known for always being on pace with the latest tools and techniques used in the industry to infuse the most industry-relevant skills in their students and help them grow and excel in their careers in a better way than others.

Flexible courses 

This is the most exciting reason to study in the UK. Many universities and institutes in the united kingdom allow their students to mix up different subjects as per their passion. You can create your dream course which can increase your chances of getting the perfect job for you(master in finace)_.


So far we have discussed a sufficient number of reasons why you should definitely pursue your masters in finance from the UK. If you are intrigued about studying in UK and really want to study there, then it is advisable to check various universities and there master programme in finance and don’t forget to check other details such as application process, GMAT scores and other requirements as well.

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