7 secrets of writing the most compelling content

7 secrets of writing the most compelling content

Planning on writing an article?

Or trying to put up your ideas into a good looking blog post for your business?

But unsure about the strategy to follow while writing the best content, that should be compelling, eye-catching and up to the reader’s requirement? 

In order to write the most compelling content, you need to understand and follow the strategies given in this article effectively.

It is estimated by the marketers that about 98% of the written content is their most used content by the searchers on search engines. Nevertheless, only one out of three marketers believe that their written content is not so effective.

Basically, there is a big chunk of content available on the internet and search engines which is of no value because of its non-strategic writing.

 In this article you will learn about some top tips and tricks content of creative writing as well as you will find the top 7 secrets of creating compelling content.

Top 7 secrets of writing the most compelling content:

  • Identify your niche:

Try to be particular about your direction, stick towards one niche. It is highly important to do so because if you try to be everything, then it will be easier for the experts of that niche to suppress you as you won’t have a strong command on one thing. When you choose one lane to work on it makes you an expert in the field spontaneously.

  • Synchronize your mind with emotions:

Try to understand your readers’ emotions while you write. It is crucial to maintain a thoughtful content with a balance of right emotions inserted in it. It engages the readers and maintains harmony in the content.

  • Add your part of story:

Try to add stuff which you have been through while you were in the readers phase. Like if you are a skin care blog writer, try to indulge stories of your skin care outline, its ups and downs and how you made it to achieve or not achieve good looking skin etc. By knowing one’s personal experience people intent to grab more than anything else.

Every creative Digital Marketing Company particularly works on storytelling to spread the word and build their brand recognition.

  • Write in unique tone:

The article must come naturally from you. It should be written in your own words and the language should be completely of your own. Always try to be you, never write like you are talking to your friend. Keep the entire focus on you so your audience feels comfortable about what they are getting is relatable to someone in actuality.

  • Maintain consistency and be realistic too:

Your content should be appealing enough that your audience keeps wanting more and more, they keep coming back to you and you keep on giving the best of the best content every time. As a content creator you need your audience to be in love with your content and to do so you have to be consistent with your work and it should be more and more towards reality.

  • Add way forwards and actionable tips:

The most important thing you can do with your content is to provide solutions to your audiences for the problems they have queries about. Or if not solutions, then give them a bunch of actionable tips so they can easily get over with their problem. Your content must be knowledgeable to your audience.

  • Make outlines first then write:

Last but not the least of all the top secrets is to make a comprehensive outline of your article even before starting to write. When you write an outline you can do the whole article writing in a flow without disconnecting your flow. Outline should be comprehensive and well stated so it can lead the whole article.

Bonus Tips to enhance your content:

  • First tip : 

Start off with an amazing eye-catching title, and to that you can use this simple tactic to enhance your creativity.

Go to the grocery store → Grab a magazine of your niche or blog → read the titles people are looking for.


Ask your friends what they like, and pick the best one among them and go for it.

This sounds a bit too traditional  but trust me it works every time, you will find titles like top 10 secrets of business development or lose weight in 5 days etc. It is important because 8 out 10 will definitely read your title but only 2 will click to read it. 

  • Second tip: 

You need to hook people with your introductions to the top few lines. Like start off with a picky quote, catch statement or anything like “want to know the secret of my best skin? read this article to find out my tips and tricks”

With this your introduction should cover the details of what’s going to be covered in the post, this should be just an overview which leads them towards the rest of the article.

  • Third tip:

Now write down a strong body for your blog post which should cover headings and subheadings and make sure to keep your paragraphs to 5-6 lines max.

  • Fourth tip:

Link other accounts to your account as well, because everyone loves backlinks and this also creates a sense of reliability. And do not link to your site, only link to others that make you look expert.

  • Fifth tip:

Wrap up your post with a conclusion (don’t forget to give a conclusion heading-try to keep it as simple as CONCLUSION only), the conclusion summarizes with what was your post about, and always end it with a question. Because it increases the chances of people to leave comments, and also makes your post more engaging.

In most of the cases people first read the conclusion, if they feel like what they are looking for is in this article then they go back to the top and start reading the whole article. So keep your conclusion sleek.


In a nutshell, it is obvious to learn the art of creating compelling content. The content must be catchy, knowledgeable, flexible and updated. It should include solutions to the problems and formulas to success. All in all, the content must have the aforementioned qualities to look outstanding and compelling.


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