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8 Common Hair Transplant Mistakes

Thick and luscious hair strands… Something we all dream of!

While many people are born with naturally healthy and long hair while others have to struggle for it. There could be many reasons behind this. But the trouble doesn’t end here. Even after getting the desired hair, the problem of hair loss remains there. 

However, making a decision about a hair transplant can be very tricky. 

The reason is all the misconceptions about the process and the health concerns associated with it. When my father was about to get a hair transplant I remember him taking 2-3 sessions with the best hair transplant surgeon in Karachi to make an informed decision.

Common Hair Transplant Mistakes

However, taking care of your hair health is equally important before and after getting the procedure done. If you don’t take care of your transplanted scalp carefully, then it can give rise to further complications. Knowing about these mistakes can surely help you improve your transplant outcomes. 

Here are some of the common mistakes that you need to know:

1- Sleeping on Flat Surfaces

With hair transplant surgery comes the risk of swelling. When you choose flat surfaces to lie on, this increases your risk of suffering from the swelling after the hair transplant. However, not everyone witnesses swelling after the transplant, so they can sleep in their normal position. 

2- Ignoring the Medications

No matter what hair transplant procedure you follow, your surgeon prescribes you certain medications that are necessary for your fast healing. Ignoring the medicine labels and not taking them as prescribed can be one of the mistakes you make after getting the procedure done. So, whether there are painkillers or antibiotics, make sure to take the medicines right. 

3- Not Applying Ice on Your Scalp

After hair transplantation or any other injury, icing the affected surface is known to be helpful to reduce the pain or swelling. This also serves as an important preventive measure and is a highly recommended practice. So, if you are not applying ice on your scalp after getting the transplant done, then this can serve as a huge transplantation mistake and can increase your chances of suffering from complications after a transplant.

4- Unnecessary Sunlight Exposure

Sun exposure after a hair transplant is one of the biggest hair transplant complications.

This is because sunlight exposure can interfere with the healing process and can result in scarring. So, it is recommended to limit your sunlight exposure after the surgery for a few weeks. 

5- Washing Your Hair Wrong

You may have a strong urge to wash your hair after the transplant but you might end up damaging your hair strands. 

For at least 2 days after the transplant, don’t even think of washing your hair. You can wash after 2 days using a mild shampoo and using the gentle movement of your fingers. Avoid using harsh products that contain chemicals as well as avoid scrubbing your hair. 

6- Not Drinking Enough Water

You need to feel hydrated to feel well about your body and overall health. Dehydration can be troubling for your transplanted scalp and can interfere with the healing process. So, make sure you drink water especially soon after getting your transplant done. During the early 2 weeks drink at least 10% of more water than you drink in routine to minimize the impact of dehydration on your transplant outcomes and post-surgery healing. 

7- Using Styling Products

Just like the use of hair washing products or hair colouring dyes, hair styling products can also be harmful to your transplanted hair. So, make sure you avoid exposure to these chemicals as well for at least 4 weeks after getting the surgery done. These styling products can bring more harm than good to your hair health.

Be it hair sprays or other chemical agents to make your hair look better, avoid overexposure to keep your transplanted hair look healthy.

8- Sweating

You may be a gym freak and can find it very difficult to stop yourself from hitting the gym. But be mindful that sweating can be bad for your transplanted hair. This is because sweating due to indulging in physical activities such as intense workout pr activities can be bad for you. So, avoid all of these activities for at least one week after the surgery. 

Preventing physical activity is also important to keep your heart rate and blood pressure within the normal range. After one week you can get back to your physical activity routine and put yourself back on track. 

Bottom Line!

Hair transplant surgeries are quite common procedures and many people get these. The procedure is a ray of hope, especially for the people who tend to suffer from severe hair loss during their early years. However, taking care of your hair right after the surgery is important to minimize the complications. 

While practicing all of these, make sure to visit your doctor as soon as you experience any swelling or pain within a few days of surgery.

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