A complete guide featuring the QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a

QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a

It is no mistake that QuickBooks is the crown jewel of financial management software. It has been a revolutionary product that has made the life of entrepreneurs easier. Whether it be households or companies, QuickBooks is recommended the most by all. Though, it is quite unfortunate that the smooth functioning software is given a deceleration by a few blockers. One of them is the QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a.

What is the QuickBooks Support Error Code 80029c4a?

The QuickBooks Error 80029c4a occurs while starting the QuickBooks app on Windows OS. This error hinders the user from accessing the application and displays an error prompt that reads “Problem: There was an unexpected error reported when trying to run QuickBooks with company file“. Once you interact with the OK button, the next message reads “QuickBooks couldn’t load a system component. Restarting your computer might solve the problem. Error type: 80029c4a – Can’t load dynamic link library (DLL)”.

What Leads to the QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?

There are many reasons which give rise to the QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a. We will list a few of them here:

  • One of the files of the vast QuickBooks directory is facing a corruption issue. This means that the system is unable to read what is in this file.
  • Improper installation is a major cause of the QuickBooks 2015 Error Code 80029c4a. However, if the installation was improper, then this might be the first issue that you face in the many to come.
  • Corrupt files in the Windows registry are causing errors in the QuickBooks application.
  • If a security feature deletes any file related to QuickBooks, the QuickBooks Support Error Code 80029c4a might occur.

We feel that it is quite easy to identify the QuickBooks 2015 Error Code 80029c4a. Since the prompt is so obvious, it leaves little room for doubt. We have also highlighted the reasons for which the annoying error occurs. Let us now skip to the substantial section of the blog. It’s time to fix the issue for good.

Fixing the QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a

Method to Fix 1: Update Your Antivirus

  • To proceed with this, the first step is to launch the antivirus program.
  • There you will have to navigate to the “Update” option.
  • Generally, it is present at an easy-to-find location, though if you still have trouble finding it then refer to the particular antivirus’ official website.
  • If you still aren’t able to find it, call their helpline.

Method to Fix 2: Check the Antivirus Quarantine Folder

If any of the files are deleted by the antivirus program, then this is the folder where you can find them. If a certain file from the QuickBooks folder goes missing, then this is the folder where you can find it. If you receive the QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a, then you need to have a look at this folder.

  • Go to the dashboard, and then to the quarantined files folder.
  • Check for any files that might belong to the QuickBooks installation directory.
  • Delete the respective files, then go to restart the QuickBooks application.

Method to Fix 3: Use the Reboot.bat file

  • The Reboot.bat belongs to the category of batch files. Its function is to refresh QuickBooks program files and helps to resolve several errors in the program.
  • Launch the QuickBooks installation folder.
  • After this, find the Reboot.bat file, right-click on it, and select Run as Administrator.
  • When the Reboot.bat registers all files in the Windows directory, restart your system and then launch the QuickBooks app again.

Method to Fix 4: Repair the Desktop App

Since the QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a is an installation error, it can be repaired by the installer. To proceed with this method, check the following steps.

  • Launch Run by entering it on the search bar, or use the Windows + R button together.
  • When the Run window opens, enter “Control Panel” and press Enter.
  • Navigate to Programs and Features, then select QuickBooks from the list.
  • After this goes, Uninstall / Change > Next > Repair.

Follow your instructions, and complete the repair. Now restart the system once complete.

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Method to Fix 5: Reinstall QuickBooks with the Clean Install Tool

The aforementioned is a super-handy tool that helps you get rid of all your installation issues. To use this,

  • Download the latest QuickBooks Tool Hub. After that install it.
  • Once the installation is complete; launch the application and go to the “Installation Issues” tab.
  • Now choose the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, then remove QuickBooks Desktop from the system
  • The next step is to re-download the setup file, then proceed with a fresh installation.

To sum it all up, the QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a is majorly an error where a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file goes missing. The most common solution is to uninstall and reinstall, but it is better to do it with a bit of support. The steps mentioned in this blog perfectly complement the installation process. Try to go for the automated method of using the clean install option. However, the easiest method is repairing QuickBooks. If all these do not work, then you need to call in the experts. Don’t waste a second and raise a ticket to QuickBooks Support. The experts would help you resolve the issue and get your QuickBooks up and running.

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