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A Fascinating Journey Into The Ancient Indian Sculpting Style


When we look into the progression of Indian art, Indian sculpture takes precedence over other art forms for its fascinating nature. Sculpting has been a part of our culture and history since ancient times. The proof of that can be found in the terracotta figurines of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Even today, if we want to take a dive into our vibrant history and wish to tell the stories and beliefs of the people from various historical periods. We have to look at the sculptures found during those eras. All of them tell the tales of not only their creators. The local people and even about the life and times during those ages.

Indian sculptures are unique and fascinating in so many ways that even today. They draw millions of people from all over the world to get a glimpse of their beauty. From the Ajanta and Ellora Caves to the Konkan Temple, much history is tangled within the vast web of Indian culture. Whether you buy contemporary art online or ancient art pieces, the features of Indian art and sculpture remain almost the same.

Features Of Ancient Indian Sculptures

Indian sculpture known for its distinguishable features, making them different from the ancient sculptures found worldwide. Some of them are.

Depicting The Life and Times Of The Era

One of the main features of Indian sculpture is that they often depict the life and times of the era. Even for literary art, this stands to be quite true, as almost all art forms portray the events of their eras.

How the people lived, along with the kingdoms and the temperament of their rulers. You can gather a lot of knowledge from reading these sculptures. Our cultural history can also derived from such carvings. As they often show the popular festivals and events during those times. From the sculptures and the figurines found in the ancient Indus Valley civilization. We have been able to understand how the civilization flourished during those times.

They Often Portray The Religious Dynamic Of The Ancient Times

The Indian subcontinent has been home to various religions. One of the best ways to understand our religious history is through the sculptures of ancient times. Dating back to the Mauryan empire, we see the illustrations of the three main Indian religions through these sculptures.

The Pillars of Ashoka are known to depict the beauty of Hinduism and Buddhism, quite like the Ajanta Caves. which decorated during the Gupta empire. The Elephanta caves are known for their religious sculptures devoted to the Hindu God Shiva. In general, Indian sculpture has always had a link with the variants of Indian religions, and this practice prevails even today. If you want to buy art online in India representing Indian culture. You should go for religious art as there is nothing more vibrant and beautiful.

Representation of Repressed as well as Explicit Desires

Like any other art form, sculpture aims to represent the repressed and even explicit desires of its creators. If you wish to buy sculpture online, especially those inspired by ancient Indian culture, then you will find some beautiful erotic art pieces.

From the Virupaksha temple in Rajasthan, on top of the Khajurao and the Konark Temples. You can find the beauty of Indian erotica as a representation of repressed sexual desires in the form of sculpture. It is one of the main features of Indian sculpture. Even if you wish to buy contemporary art online, you would still see its hold on our art forms.

Why Is Indian Sculpture Still Relevant Worldwide?

Indian sculpture, like all other Indian art forms, aims to portray the vibrant culture and history of this country. This statement stands true for the art forms of other countries as well, as they often give the world a peep into their cultures. When it comes to Indian sculpture, its relevance lies in its method of storytelling.

Even today, when you buy art online India, it shows the religious and cultural beliefs of the common people, along with their hidden sexual fantasies. Sculpting is a method of carving our emotions and ideas into stone, wood, rock or metal bases, and Indian sculptors have mastery over that.

If you wish to buy sculpture online or even buy contemporary art online, you would be able to listen to the stories these art forms have to tell. One of the best places to buy art online India is Artshoppy. Where you can find thousands of authentic art pieces, ranging from sculptures to paintings to photographs by talented creators from all over the country.


Having some beautiful art pieces in your home, especially those inspired by ancient Indian culture, can give your home an intriguing new look. If you want to buy such art online, you should definitely check out Artshoppy.

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