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A Simplified Solution to Merge PST Files Without Duplicates

Most Outlook users seek a solution to Merge PST files without duplicates. So here we are putting down this blog to resolve user-related queries that can easily combine the Outlook PST files without losing any data.

As we know, Outlook is a widely utilized email client developed by Microsoft and it comes with many advanced features that make the user’s task quite simple and easy.

Before jumping straight to the solutions, let’s discuss the main reasons behind combining multiple PST files into one without any data loss.

Main Causes to Combine Multiple PST Files into One

Managing multiple PST files can be a difficult task if you don’t know the right approaches. To avoid such situations, users need to merge PST files without duplicates. Users can however get many advantages by doing so, such as this:-

  1. Merging PST files can prevent data loss as well as corruption.
  2. It saves the time wasted in the repetitive opening of each file.
  3. Also, it is quite difficult to maintain Outlook PST files on a single PC.
  4. There will be no duplicacy and you can save hard disk space and increase the system’s overall performance.

Now, comes the question of how one can Merge PST Files without duplicates. Well, as we have said earlier on, there are both manual and professional solutions available by which one can resolve this query.

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How to Merge PST Files Without Duplicates?

There are two types of methods by which users can combine Outlook PST files:-

  1. Manual Method to Combine Outlook PST Files
  2. Try a Professional Tool

Step 1. Combining Outlook PST Files Manually

Simply implement these below-mentioned steps:-

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system and hit on the New item and then choose the more items option>>Outlook Data File tab.
  2. Next, choose the destination where you wish to save your recently created Outlook PST file.
  3. Afterward, name the file that you have created and click on the OK option.

Step 2. Import the Newly Created File into the New One

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, go to the open & export, and click on the Import/Export option.
  2. Now, simply choose Import from another program or file and then navigate to the Next tab.
  3. You can now select Outlook data file (.pst) and then click on the Next option.
  4. Simply browse the PST files that you wish to import into PST files and then choose Do not import duplicates and hit on the Next tab.
  5. Then, make sure to enable the include-subfolders checkbox. After that, you can choose the recently created Outlook PST file mailbox name in the “Import items into the same folder” in the drop down menu and press on the Finish tab.

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Quick & Reliable Solution to Merge PST Files Without Duplicates

If you use the manual tricks then you have to repeatedly import each file into the new PST file, which can take hours, and still, 100% results are not guaranteed. Also, the manual tricks can be a bit tricky for a non-tech user.

In order to resolve such issues, you can simply opt for the Professional solution; PST Merge Software. This utility permits users to combine all their PST files into one at a single time. Other than that, this tool operates on all the versions of Windows operations system as well as Outlook.

How to Use the Merger Software – Step-Wise Procedure

Get through all the steps to complete this task:-

  1. Install and Launch this Merge Tool on your Windows Machine.
  2. Click on the Add File/Folder or search files options to upload your PST files.
  3. You can now choose the Merge or Join option to continue with the process.
  4. In the next step, select the required option from the list accordingly.
  5. Last, hit on the Next button to begin the procedure.

Final Wording

The blog permits users to merge PST files without duplicates in a trouble-free manner. Also, we have mentioned both free and professional solutions by which one can simply resolve their queries. But, manual tricks can be a little tricky and can consume a lot of time due to repetitive steps. However, the professional solution will be the best solution as it guarantees no data loss or corruption during the procedure.

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