Action MMORPG the most dynamic non-target games

Following are the best Action MMORPG the most dynamic non-target games of 2022.


The C9 project became one of the first popular non-target MMORPGs. The combat here is dynamic and beautiful, group deathmatch is bloody and interesting. The main occupation in this world is the passage of instances, but there are enough peaceful things that can be done in cities.

The game uses a system for activating skills using special key combinations, familiar to gamers from Black Desert . A rather non-standard solution was the introduction of the Intruder mode, which allows you to break into the dungeon to other players and massacre them.


Vindictus is one of the many creations in the Nexon family. At the time of the release of the project in 2010, the graphics were really impressive, but there are more than enough elements typical for Korean games . Despite the uncomplicated plot and not the best implementation of the PvP mode, Vindictus has a lot of advantages. The most important of them, of course, is the non-target system, thanks to which the combat becomes much more interesting, and the player’s skills play a key role.


Despite the Korean developers, the game is different from the same type of Asian MMORPGs. There is no level cap – the character can be developed indefinitely.

The life of the NPCs in the game is controlled by daily scripts, which benefits the atmosphere and allows you to dive deeper into the world. The game fully changes day and night, and the weather depends on the nomadic zones of high and low pressure. The game world is solid, there are no instances and separate locations. There is a Russian client.


This free-to-play action game takes place in an ancient world called Arborea, whose inhabitants managed to overcome conflicts and differences and unite against Evil.

An important feature of Tera Online is the non-target combat, which forces the player to constantly manually aim at an enemy to deal damage to them. The player can choose different combinations of race and class, which are characterized by unique gameplay. The game is also available in Russian.


This game was created by the same guys as the legendary Ruler, so players here will meet familiar (albeit greatly improved) anime graphics and cute cats called by summoners.

This time, the authors were inspired by the rich history of the East and its martial arts , which influenced the skills and class names. Clothing now does not affect stats, so you can choose it for aesthetic reasons. The game is free, there is a Russian version.


The non-target MMORPG Age of Conan: Unchained will make you feel the spirit of cruel Hyboria with its harsh laws and constant risk to your life. If you tried to imagine yourself as the hero of this world, then this project is definitely worth paying attention to.

It cannot be said that Age of Conan is replete with fundamental innovations, but in the stream of dull quests that all games of the genre sin to one degree or another, there are interesting and difficult survival tasks .

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The Division is a MMORPG with a non-target system, released in Russian in 2016 , a dynamic shooter from the Tom Clancy`s series. The first thing that catches your eye is the level of realism of the graphics, the world looks real and draws you into its dangerous atmosphere from the first hours of the car parking games unblocked.

The plot cannot boast of many intricate lines, but this is not necessary in such a project. You will have to restore order in a post-apocalyptic city whose inhabitants were destroyed by a virus launched by terrorists.


Bright animation, non-stop action and hardcore rubilovo are, perhaps, the main advantages of “Criticism”. Having risen on the wave of success of Vindictus, the project was able to find many fans, but it still failed to stay on top due to huge competition. So Kritika achieved real popularity only in Asia.

If you are a fan of dynamic slashers with role-playing elements, then it is definitely worth getting to know the world of Criticism.


Skyforge is not ashamed to be called one of the most popular modern MMORPGs parking games unblocked, although lately it has clearly been losing ground. But now that’s not about it – this game invites you to go into the world of techno-fantasy and try on the role of a god who has lost his power.

There are a lot of features in Skyforge: 16 classes (from paladin to alchemist ), an abundance of PvE missions, a pantheon system (similar to clans) and, of course, the ability to use the hero’s divine form, in which it increases significantly. What is even more interesting – right during the passage of the mission, the gamer can change the class without any restrictions. Well, the battles, of course, look impressive.

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