African Head Wraps: The Significance, History and Modern Day Purpose

“If you are intrigued by African head wraps, then this article is for you. You would love to read its rich history and more in this article”. The history of head wraps is rich and this is the reason why people should wear them. If you are a fashionable woman, I’m pretty sure that you’ve been intrigued by African head wraps and head coverings. While it might look like in fashion accessories today, I will talk about it in detail.

The headwraps are widely available online and can be worn to parties, events, red carpets, picnics, and even work.

Nowadays Ankara Fabric Head Wraps have become popular over the past many years. There are a lot of misconceptions about cultural appropriation when it comes to these kinds of fashion items. The best part about these headwraps is that you can look chic and bohemian with minimal effort. However, it is a deeply personal choice because many people wear it for spiritual beliefs, practicality, and cultural significance. However, if you are thinking of wearing it as just a fashion accessory, then you have landed on the right blog.

The headwraps can perk up the outfit like anything. Moreover, it also helps in drawing attention to the face! Yes, right.

Many people still believe that they cannot wear headwraps for women because of cultural appropriation. The myths hold them back from trying something so unique and extravagant! Your dull and boring outfit can become unique and colorful once you team it up with African Head Wraps.

The History

African women were born into slavery and the African head wraps were worn by them. With time, both the meaning and designs have evolved. It is a symbolic stunning expression of style along with identity. It was earlier related to slavery and beşiktaş escort colonialism.

The heritage of the African continent reflects through these wonderful headwraps and turbans. It was also worn in the early 1700s and indicated age, financial standing, and marital status. The queens used to wear elaborate and rich fabrics with exotic flowers and great designs! It has been a part of African women dressing up for many years now. It was even used to protect their hair and heads from the strong heat of the sun as they were out there doing all the hard labor. But now it is used as a fashion item and also for protecting the hair from dirt, sweat, and heat!

How to style it?

You can wear it with Dashiki tops and dresses. You can even pair it up with skirts and printed blouses. The African Head Wraps go with many clothing items and they can turn your boring outfit into a bright and extravagant one! The turbans would also protect your hair from dirt and water. If you are wearing a black suit, boho it up with a turban!

No matter which race you belong to, it is time to embrace this fashion accessory with open arms. They are donned by celebs like Alicia Keys, DeWanda Wise, Gabrielle Union, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cheryl Porter, Halima Aden, Nafessa Williams, and more. Read my next article to know about Men’s African Clothing.

Author Bio: Mia is a blogger on Ankara fabric head wraps for Women and Men’s African clothing. If you want to wear the amazing African head wraps, read her blogs and articles.

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