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All-in-One-Guide on Website Development for Beginners!

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If you already own a business or intend to start one, you might be worried about its marketing. One of the most important elements coming under marketing is none other than website development. It stands as an important factor while marketing your business because it acts as word of mouth. Through a website, your target audience could learn more about your whole brand. You would come across many definitions when talking about what exactly website development is. Most commonly, it is referred to as a term associated with curating your whole website.

Anyone who wants to learn everything about website development services in Delhi can get the information here. We have come up with a full-fledged guide that would make you understand the A to Z of website development. Read on to know more.

Basics of Website Development

There are a good number of basics involved with website development. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Website: Websites are notable files stored on servers hosted by computers. These servers are then connected to the internet.
  • IP Address: If you want to gain access to a website, you would need its IP address. An IP address is a string of numbers that differentiates one website from another.
  • HTTP: Also known as the HyperText Transfer Protocol, HTTP assists in connecting your website to various remote servers.
  • Coding: Coding is an activity of writing codes for applications and servers with the help of various programming languages.

Various Types of Website Development

Are you looking for a website development company in Delhi or even intending to become a developer? If yes, then you should be well aware of the different kinds of website development. They are primarily the different sections in the development profession that the developers cater to. Let’s learn more about them below:

1. Front-End Development:

Front-end developers are known to be the ones who work on the outer side of the websites. In other words, they work on what you see on the website. The activities included in front-end development curate visual aspects such as graphics, navigation, website layout, etc.

2. Back-End Development:

Back-end development is totally the opposite of what a front-end developer does. The back-end refers to working on the software, servers, and program of the website. This ensures that everything is working properly behind the website.

3. Full-Stack Development:

Full-stack developers are always the first priority for anyone who wants website development services in Delhi. It’s because the full stack developers have the ability to handle both the back-end and front-end of the website. They can help you in creating an application, software program, or website without any shortcomings.

4. Website Development:

You need to know that website developers can be of any kind, whether back-end, front-end, or full-stack. However, website developers would rarely have any experience in making applications or desktop software.

5. Desktop Development:

If you need a website development company in Delhi that can help you with desktop development, choose wisely. Desktop developers have a specialization in building up applications or websites which can run on your device locally.

6. Game Development:

Game developers are quite proficient in writing programming codes for video games. These games include mobile games, PC games, and even console games such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Why Contact a Website Development Company in Delhi?

Do you want to increase the responsiveness of your website? You should focus on both the functionality and the looks of your website. Now that the competition has been ever-increasing, getting good website development services in Delhi seems quite challenging. Everyone in the market seems to consider them the best, but finding the company that is worth it is very difficult. But, once you get it, there is no looking back. Below, we have mentioned the top advantages of a website development company in Delhi.

  • Your audience won’t even get attracted to your website if its aesthetic appeal is not good. When we talk about your brand’s official page in the niche of gadgets and medicine, it has to be inclusive of a professional experience. On the other hand, if you are selling female-centric products or toys for kids, then the theme has to be cute and light-colored.
  • It is a proven fact that people do get influenced by a company’s logo too. You can also take help from the website development company in Delhi in logo creation. Most probably, they would be having their in-house team for the same.
  • Social media is undoubtedly the finest path toward attaining huge prominence. There are many websites with multiple share buttons. If yours is one of them, it gives an opportunity to the visitors to share your website on their social media platforms. This is surely going to generate leads.

Website Development Process

You need to know that a website development company in Delhi follows a whole process to curate your website. Developing a website is not an easy task. It involves a good number of steps and strategies. The steps involved in a web development process are below:

1. Forming a Plan:

Having a plan is important not only for the website development services in Delhi but for any other marketing activity. Therefore, the web developers first communicate with their team in order to develop a plan for their website.

2. Curating a Wireframe:

Every website comes up with a blueprint. Well, that’s the starting point of website development. In the developers’ language, this is referred to as a “wireframe .”Don’t consider it an official document. Instead, it is simply a whole layout of the website that would give an idea about what it’s going to be.

3. Sitemap’s Drafting:

Now is the time to start creating a sitemap for your website. With the assistance of a sitemap, it becomes easier for the business owner to get the information for meeting the vision.

4. Writing the Website Code:

The next step is writing the code to commence the website development process for your brand. In this case, the developers will use various coding languages for your website’s back-end and front-end.

5. Start Building your Website’s Front-End and Back-End: 

Yes, writing code for website development is a complex process, but it is not the only part. In this step, the team is going to start working on the back-end as well as the front-end of the website.

6. Get a Domain Name:

Now that your website has an IP address, it also needs a domain name. This name should be a memorable one so that your visitors can find you easily. There are many websites from where you can get a domain name. Some of them are Hover and GoDaddy.

7. Finally, Launch your Website:

Now you have finally set up the domain name, and it has been linked to your host. Unveil the work to the online world. However, before ultimately moving on to an official launch, make sure you are keeping certain factors in consideration.


Now that you have learned about what website development is, make sure you are choosing the right company for the same. One such company is Webgross. It has a whole team of web developers who are quite proficient in this field.

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