All The Basics To Know About Gate Valves

A gate valve is one of the important types of valves used in any process plants and many other industrial applications. It is in great demand making them a popular type of valves available in the market.

At Dutco Tennant LLC, high-quality gate valves are distributed for diverse industrial projects. In fact, for this year’s ADIPEC 2022, Dutco Tennant is exhibiting the top-rated gate valves coming from the renowned supplier. Visitors will get to see the live product demonstration and other activities at the event which will begin from 31st October 2022 and last till 3rd November 2022.

If you are interested to witness the best of gate valves then make sure to stop by the Dutco Tennant exhibit. But before that here are some of the basics to learn about a gate valve. Continue to read this article till the end to find out all.


A gate valve is also referred to as the sluice valve. As for the name ‘gate valve’, the name derived because of the shape of the disc present in the valve is in a gate-like or wedge-type form. The gate valve always tends to open in the perpendicular direction of the fluid flow and its use is mainly for stopping or restarting the fluid flow within the pipeline or system installed.

The gate valves supplied by Dutco Tennant LLC which shall also be exhibited for the ADIPEC 2022 are specifically designed to fit in Oil & Gas industries. However, the use of gate valves are also required in every process plant and varied industrial sectors.

Gate Valves are not recommended to be used as a regulator because initially when it is enabled to open it generates a lot of vibration and noise that can cause damage in the disc and result in a leakage issue.

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Different Parts of A Gate Valve

A standard gate valve has the following parts and they are –

  • Body
  • Disc 
  • Bonnet 
  • Seat 
  • Stem
  • Actuators


The body of a gate valve is the primary pressure-retaining construction that also holds in other valve parts – stem and disc. This part of the valve is also responsible for fluid passage to flow from the valve. The valve body can be cast or forged in different materials as per the application requirements.


This is the part that helps to deliver the operation of throttling or stopping flow on its position. In the case of a plug or ball valve, the disk is called a plug or ball. A disc is generally found to be seated against the stationary wall seat or seats when the wall is in the closed position.

It can be moved away from the valve seat by the valve string motion with the exception of the safety relief valve and check valve in which the disc is moved away from its seat by the action of fluid pressure and flow.


It is the secondary pressure-retaining part in a gate valve and can also be referred to as the cover. Bonnet is connected with the system by welding, bolting or threading for developing a valve enclosure. This part is also responsible for giving access to the internals of the valve during maintenance work.


The amount of leakage in a gate valve depends on the Seat of the valve. The Seat is one of the integral parts of a gate valve and in its body that is composed of either forged metallic rings or non-metallic rings.

All of the valves have one or more seat parts in them. The gate valve generally has two seats, one for the upstream and the other for the downstream side.


Stem is basically a forged solid rod or shaft. The valve steam transferred the required motion of the disc plug or valve for opening and closing of the valve.

The stem is connected to the valve handwheel at one end and the valve disc on the other side.


The actuator is a mechanism that is responsible for operating the valve. It is connected to the stem and disc assembly. Actuators are available as manual operation with the help of handwheel, manual lever, gear, chain or it can also be operated through solenoid and motor. 

Many other common parts of the gate valve are slud nuts, stem nut, gland flange, bonnet gasket, handwheel, and plenty more.

Types of Gates Valves

There are mainly three ways to classify gate valves that determine the types of gate valves available. 

  1. Based on the types of disc – Solid Wedge Valve, Split Wedge Valve & Flexible Wedge Valve.
  2. Based on the types of body bonnet joint – Screwed Bonnet, Welded Bonnet, Bolted Bonnet & Pressure Seal Bonnet.
  3. Based on the types of stem movement – Rising Stem, Non-Rising Stem

How Exactly A Gate Valve Works?

Gate valves are used in fluid pipeline systems in order to control the flow of fluid. The gate or wedge structure is there that works to control the flow of fluid. The wedge or the gate is found in different shapes as they may be circular or rectangular plate-shaped.

This  is also termed as a disc of the gate valve. The valve is used for the opening or closing of the gate valve. When the wheel equipped with the handle is rotated, the gate or wedge works to move upward or downward across the flow of any fluid.

Mechanism on which the Gate valve works

When the operator rotates the handle wheel in clockwise motion then the steam and fluid moves in the downward direction across the fluid flow, and the gate is tightly positioned between two seats. This ensures there is no leakage of any fluid when the valve is completely closed.

When the handle wheel is rotated in an anticlockwise direction, steam and fluid goes upward simultaneously across the fluid flow. The valve is an opened chrome closed position that allows the flow of fluid through the Gate valve.

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Once the Gate is opened fully,  it allows for very low resistance or no resistance to the flow of any field. Whereas, semi opening condition is not suitable or preferred because it can result in erosion of the gate when fluid strikes. It also gives rise to the issue of noise and vibration at the same time.

If you are interested to know more about Gate Valves or explore high-end Gate Valves then visit the Dutco Tennant LLC exhibit for this year’s ADIPEC 2022.


Dutco Tennant LLC has been a leader in supplying various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals from construction to networking to electrical and we established a good company profile. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies products to a high-status list of corporate and government projects, and has contributed to the creation of world class private and public infrastructure such as water and wastewater projects, airports, exhibition centers, shopping malls, networking infrastructure, hospitals, hotels, universities and offices around the Middle East and GCC region.

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