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Civil Engineering Colleges in Dehradun

There is no doubt about the fact that civil engineering courses are the most traditional and rewarding career opportunities that students have in a developing country like India. Civil structures are an integral part of the infrastructural development that serves as a base for strengthening the development of the country as a whole. The need for efficient civil engineers is felt the most in all business industries. Civil engineers are those professionals who plan, design, and monitor new building construction. The constant need for improvements in civil structures, rail and roadway projects, bridges, dams, irrigation, and sewer systems is met through efficient civil engineers. Enrolling in the best Civil Engineering Colleges in Dehradun is your first step in this career. Let’s gather more information about this field.

Courses available

To make a career in the civil engineering field you have two options. You can start with a diploma and then shift to a degree course after you complete your 10th. The other option available is to complete your 12th and then enroll in a degree course. We will focus on the degree courses in this article. The hierarchy of degree courses is as follows

  • BTech in Civil Engineering
  • MTech in Civil Engineering or specialized civil stream
  • D. in Civil Engineering or specialized civil stream

Each step in this hierarchy is important and inevitable. Although you have the option to join the world of jobs right after you complete each step. You can also work for some years and then resume your education.


Civil engineering courses are generally done after completing the 12th. To enroll in this course, students must complete their schooling from a recognized board. It is also mandatory for them to be from the science stream having physics, chemistry, and mathematics as their primary subjects. Most of the b tech civil engineering course accept admissions of students scoring above 50% in the stream.


During the five years course of BTech in Civil Engineering, you get to learn about subjects like

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydraulics machinery
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Concrete Technology
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Structural Analysis
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Environment Engineering
  • Irrigation and Hydraulics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Water Resource Engineering

There can be more subjects in this course depending upon the college you choose. The subjects included in the MTech in Civil Engineering course offered at the best Civil Engineering Colleges in Dehradun are

  • Engineering Properties of Soils Foundation Engineering
  • Geotechnical Exploration and Advanced Soil Testing
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations
  • Earth Pressure
  • Computer-Aided Design of Foundations
  • Ground Improvement Engineering
  • Engineering Geology
  • Ground Improvement Engineering
  • Pavement Analysis and Design
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Computational and Statistical Methods

The subjects in the Ph.D. course depend upon the kind of specialization that you opt for.

Future Scope

A graduate with a Civil Engineering degree is always in demand irrespective of the time that the industry is facing. There are many career opportunity that awaits a civil engineer. Some of the career opportunities are written below.

  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Public Health Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Urban Planning Engineering

There are many other opportunities that await a Civil Engineer. All the jobs in this field are rewarding and have career growth.


Civil Engineers are the backbone of the infrastructural growth of any country. The need for graduates in this field is always constant and is expected to remain the same in the near future. Pursuing a course in this field will always be beneficial for students who wish to make a career in this field. Most of the Civil Engineering Colleges in Dehradun offers BTech and MTech courses for students who have completed the eligibility criteria for these courses.

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