Barcode Ribbon Roll Materials

Barcode Ribbon Roll Materials

Barcode ribbon rolls come in a variety of materials. There are Wax, Resin, and Wax-resin combination options, as well as Midrange. Each material offers specific characteristics. These differences will impact the size, shape, and functionality of the ribbon. You will also need to decide whether you require a narrow or wide ribbon.


Resin barcode ribbons are compatible with many substrates. Although they are more expensive than the traditional paper ribbon, they are more durable and are compatible with many types of labels, including glossy coated paper, synthetic film, textiles, and specialty receptors. Resin ribbons are also resistant to abrasion and extreme temperatures.


Because of its durability and clarity, a resin barcode ribbon is an excellent choice for demanding print applications.

Resin barcode ribbons can be used with thermal transfer printers. A resin ribbon can be printed on a variety surfaces thanks to its resin coating. This type of ribbon can also be used with hot stamping foil to apply metallic foil. To avoid any damage to the ribbon, avoid direct contact with water or other materials.

A resin barcode ribbon is typically made from a high-quality resin and various additives. Avoid wax as this will reduce the print’s resistance against solvents and abrasion. It also has exceptional heat and chemical resistance, making it ideal for industrial use.

If you are not sure which type of resin barcode ribbon to choose, you can perform a tape test. This test can help you decide whether or not the roll is suitable for your printer. First, stick a piece of tape to the ribbon roll. The tape should stick to the ink. This will determine whether the ribbon is suitable.


Wax barcode ribbons can be used with thermal transfer printers. These ribbons are made of a combination of wax and resin. When used with these printers, they produce high-quality barcodes. Available in several sizes and colors, Wax Barcode Ribbons are ideal for thermal transfer printers. thermal paper rolls suppliers

Wax Barcode Ribbon comes in black and is compatible with Sato Barcode Printers. This ribbon is 4 inches wide and comes in rolls of 1345 feet long. It comes in 24 rolls in cartons. For quick turnaround, LLT Labels offers same-day shipping of Thermal Transfer Ribbons. They also have multiple locations that can serve you.

If you’re planning to use a Thermal Transfer Ribbon with your printer, it’s important to use the correct one. Different barcode printer models require different ribbon configurations. Using the wrong type can result in improper printing or even damage the printer. You can determine the type of ribbon that you need by performing a simple test. To check for leakage, apply tape to the coated side.

Wax ribbons are a good choice for short-term applications. They are easy to stick to coated labels and require very little energy to transfer ink. Additionally, they’re compatible with nearly all types of labels, including textiles and specialty receptors. Wax ribbons are also extremely durable, so you’ll find that they’re an excellent choice for mission-critical applications.

Wax ribbons are less expensive than the other types of ribbons. They are perfect for printing deep-dark barcodes, text, and graphics. These are great for printing on paper labels. Wax/resin ribbons are extremely resistant to abrasion and smear-resistant. .thermal paper rolls suppliers

The intended use of a Wax Barcode Ribbon will determine the formula. The combination of the two types helps ensure quality printing and durability. The most common and cheapest type of Thermal Transfer Ribbon is wax ribbons. They work with both matte and uncoated paper.



Wax-resin barcode ribbon rolls offer an excellent combination of durability and high print quality. They are commonly used for applications that require extra durability or resistance to harsh conditions. For example, this type of ribbon is ideal for outdoor product labeling and cold-chain/freezer labeling.

. These rolls come in either coated side-in (CSI) or coated side-out (CSO), and are available in multiple widths and lengths for different printer models.

Another way to print barcodes is with thermal transfer ribbons.


Zebra offers a wide variety of ribbon models. They are able to print high quality labels and resist abrasion on a variety substrates, including paper and synthetic labels.

The wax-resin thermal transfer ribbon prints more quickly than its wax counterpart, and it has better print durability. It is also resistant to solvents and washing.

There are many uses for wax-resin thermal transfers ribbons.Its low printing temperature makes it compatible with high-speed printers. It is also suitable for industrial applications, such as packaging, logistics, and identification labels.


Midrange barcode ribbons come in a variety of lengths and formulations. They have high print quality and durability. They are also scratch and smudge resistant. T

For the highest print quality, W603 corner/near-edge wax/resin is an economical choice. It offers midrange durability, excellent image sensitivity, and is compatible with many brands of barcode label printers. This roll is compatible with Avery/Novexx, Domino, and Bell-Mark printers.

Barcodes, Inc., a barcode printing company, offers several types of thermal transfer barcode ribbon for a wide range of applications. These ribbons are available in wax, wax, or wax-resin and are essential for creating high-quality barcodes. . You can order them online or by phone and save money and time by not having to make a trip to the shop.

Thermal transfer printers can use short or long ribbons. For desktop thermal transfer printers, shorter ribbons will work well.  Midrange printers typically require a 300-450-meter ribbon.


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