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Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

If you’ve been in the real estate game long enough, you know that choosing a photo for your listing used to be something that set you apart. If you avoid lots of photos in your ads now, you do so at your own risk. Here are five easy reasons why you need professional real estate photography!

1. Professional Photos Make A Great First Impression For Your Home And Yourself

Buyers respond to photos. Every internet seller knows this term. Those who provide dynamic, detailed photos clearly gain the trust of customers and thus a better reputation. Properties are now bought and sold online – buyers go directly to the website to view houses, shocking houses that don’t look right when they walk in, eliminating sales. This is your first place as an agent to make a good impression about the home and your abilities. You will see photo items and photo list.

2. Sell Ads Faster With Professional Photography

As noted in a 2013 Redfin study, professional photos increase the speed of a home sale. Below is a chart detailing the average number of days to BETTER closing an offer when accompanied by professional photography. What can reduce your offer sales time by one to three weeks for you and your clients? You can learn more about photography packages for Real Estate Exposures here.

3. Within Social Media

We know that today’s buyers are very engaged with social media and are incredibly visual. Social sites are a great way to promote, target, promote, drive and connect with your lists. Professional Photography gives you a tool that goes beyond your multiple listing service.

With just a few clicks, these photos can be viewed and shared for free by hundreds of people in your professional and personal network, who will then forward them to their friends for pennies on the dollar. But if you have pictures!

4. Save Time By Hiring A Professional Real Estate Photographer

A professional photographer can save you time and money. While you’re doing what you do best and what’s most profitable showing another home, closing a client, or creating new listings a professional photographer can come in, shoot, edit, and provide photos for your listings.

You don’t have to be on the web! Just coordinate with our trusted professional team at Real Estate Exposures and we can enter the home with lockbox information, photograph the home using real estate photography best practices and deliver a finished listing. you can download the image. Please see our services page for more information about our process and offers.

5. Professional Quality And Knowledge

With the way technology has evolved over the past decade, you may feel that “phone quality” photos are sufficient for your ads. It’s true that phones can take great photos – but the operator still needs to be a competent photographer to capture the best shot.

Knowledge of appropriate angles, composition, editing, along with professional DSLR cameras, various lenses and experience from photographing thousands of homes help us stand out from the competition. Plus, our proprietary editing process makes whites whiter and colors more true than our main competitors. Want to spend time editing photos on your phone? Or it’s worth trying professional photography.

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