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Best camping sites in Maharashtra

Maharashtra, the second most populated state of India located in the central and western peninsular regions, holding on to a significant part of Deccan plateau is also the second most populous country subdivision in the world. With such a huge pollution, the hustle bustle and chaos is the predominant feature of the state. The people are always running, very busy in their own life, having no time even for themselves, forget about others! The subtlety in the lifestyle of people especially of the big, glam cities like Mumbai and Pune has lost its existence. 

Amidst all this chaos and hustle, people from these big cities often take a break from their routine lifestyle and spare some time to enjoy with their families and loved ones.

Maharashtra benefited by its geographical position, has many dead dropped beautiful hills and valleys making it home to many mesmerizing and adventurous camping sites. This makes it easy for such people to take short breaks and enjoy their lives. There are many easy weekend getaway places around these big cities and across Maharashtra.

This article will take you through some of the best camping sites in Maharashtra that can truly make you awestruck and give the best experiences of your life. Visit these places and witness the beauty of nature at its best.

The first in the list is Pawna Lake.

Also known as, Pavana lake or Pavana Dam Reservoir is a reservoir across the Pavana river, turned into an artificial lake. The location is very popular for its camping site amidst the lush green stretches of Western ghats. The place is surrounded by some beautiful green streamy valleys offering some surreal sunrise and sunset views. Accomodate in some most comfortable and relaxing tent just 15-20 steps away from the lake and enjoy your holidays in the peaceful location. Enjoy scrumptious delicacies, music, bonfire and various indoor and outdoor activities. 

The place is very easily accessible by road and railways. The nearest railway station Lonavala is just 30 kilometres from the camping site well connected by local taxis, cabs etc. 

The place has quite an upper hand if location is concerned. Many other prominent vacation spots like tikona fort, tung fortand  lohagad fort are located just a few kilometres from here. 

The second in the list is Lonavala.

This hill station in the Pune district of Maharashtra surrounded by green valleys is one of the major holiday destinations for people of Maharashtra, especially Mumbai and Pune. It is located in the range of the Western ghats. The place has a great connectivity with both Mumbai and Pune making it an easily accessible holiday destination.

Lonavala has a list of some picture perfect places that are worth visiting. Some of the top places include Bhushi Dam, Lion’s point, The Duke’s nose, Lonavala lake etc. In addition to this, there are numerous beautifully constructed resorts that really embrace the natural beauty of the place. A chill weekend in these resorts is more than enough to take away all the stress of the hectic routine. 

Next in the list is Alibaug

Located at a distance of 96 km from Mumbai and having a great connectivity with the same, this place is a true gem and a charmer for people of Mumbai and Pune. With some of the best places to explore, Alibaug is also one of the best camping spots in Maharashtra with a number of beaches and places to explore. Apart from the natural beauty there are many excellently carved forts, churches and temples to be checked out when in Alibaug. 

In addition to all this Alibaug is famous for the adventurous water sports available here. Ranging from quad biking to kayaking there is a list of water sports that can thrill a person along with the beautiful sunset and sunrise one can witness from the campsite located on sea shores. 

Also there are some places around Alibaug that are least explore and have promising sights.

The list continues with Panchgani

Panchgani hill station located to the southeast of Mumbai is a huge volcanic tableland. Offering the panoramic view of green carpeted valleys and lush stretches the place attracts great footfall throughout the year. Apart from its appealing greens, there is a list of places that must be visited in Panchgani. The scenic beauty of spots like Sydney point, Kate’s point, Parsi point, Dhom Dam, Morni fort and Chinaman’a waterfall will make your heart skip a beat. The place is easily accessible by car or bus so one can enjoy some quality time with family, friends or loved ones in Panchgani. 

There are even more places to explore in Maharashtra then mentioned in the list above. If you want to witness the true beauty and experience the real adventure then pack your bags and get on the trip to Maharashtra to have some real fun.

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