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Circuit Breaker Repair Service

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Circuit Breaker Repair Service

Have you ever given any thought to what you would do if a circuit breaker at your place of business failed unexpectedly? It’s difficult to envision how your business might operate if a breaker were to malfunction. You’re in luck if this is the first time it has happened to you or if it has never happened to you before because you’ve discovered the remedy. Contact Automat Electronic Services for all of your industrial circuit breaker repair and maintenance needs.

Your organization won’t be able to distribute power around the facility as needed without circuit breakers. To avoid lost time at work and decreased production, a damaged circuit breaker needs to be repaired right away. You might choose to have this part repaired outside of your company. From the moment of reception until the repairs are complete, a number of things happen. The whole thing takes between one to five days, while quick completion in just one or two days is an option. Checkout for Live Panel Cleaning .

The following things happen when you send a circuit breaker in for repairs:

  • Entry and Quotation

When your circuit breaker is delivered, we register it in the system, create a unique barcode for it, and then send it for inspection by our professionals. Within 24 hours of receiving the circuit breaker, we use this evaluation to identify any parts that are required and to produce an estimate that we provide to the customer for approval.

  • Approval and Repairs

After your company examines, accepts, and returns the quote, we begin the repair process. We need to test how well a circuit breaker reacts to an electrical current passing across it. In order to determine how long it takes for the circuit to trip, our specialists attach the breaker to a power source. The circuit breaker may trip too early or too late depending on the degree of damage. The technician will be able to pinpoint the specific repairs needed with the use of trip timing information.

Examining and repairing the magnetic excursions is the next stage of repairs. The technician checks the breaker and makes any necessary adjustments or replacements. Finally, the trip mechanisms and contacts of the circuit breaker are adjusted or replaced as necessary. The circuit breaker continues with the further steps of the repair procedure once repairs are complete.

  • Retesting

We always retest everything to make sure the repairs were effective after making adjustments or repairs to every part we receive. To confirm the safety and functionality of the repaired part, the testing is repeated while under full load. The cleaning and quality assurance divisions receive the component after retesting confirms it operates as planned.

  • Cleanliness and quality control

The crevices of used parts typically contain dirt. Because dirt, dust, and other contaminants in electronic components can decrease the overall effectiveness and longevity of the repaired part, we won’t send you a filthy part back.

We always carefully clean the repaired parts using cleaners made for electronics before delivering them back. In reality, the circuit breaker will be available for installation and usage right away after your company receives it back. We thoroughly clean the circuit breakers before having our quality assurance specialists give them one last look before packaging and shipping.

  • Returning Goods to the Customer

We pack and transport the circuit breaker back to your business once it has undergone repairs, retesting, cleaning, and quality assurance. After that, we create an invoice and upload it to our online secure customer portal.

When to Replace Circuit Breakers

How do you know when to replace a circuit breaker? Electrical panels and circuit breakers in houses or business buildings that are at least a few decades old are likely to be of the same vintage.

Additional justifications for replacing your circuit breaker include the following:

  • Does the breaker on your circuit feel warm?
  • Does it smell like it’s burning?
  • Your circuit breaker keeps tripping, is that so?

A new circuit breaker has to be installed if you indicated yes to any of the aforementioned questions.

Changing A Circuit Breaker

Having an expert electrician help you replace a circuit breaker is the best option. Neglecting an electrical issue or deciding on a dangerous DIY fix is a serious safety risk and may cause harm to your electronic gadgets.

After years of constant use, a circuit breaker cannot be fixed, leaving you with no choice except to replace it. It is best to upgrade your wiring as soon as possible. possible if you have the opportunity to do so because there are several reasons why your electrical panel or circuit breakers may be broken. For more details Circuit Breaker Repair Services.

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