Best Products to Start Online Presence Fast in 2023

Following are the best products to start online presence fast with selling points.

Pillows for nurses

While nursing pillows come in a variety of styles and sizes, they are typically placed on the lap of a parent to provide a stable position for newborns. Here’s a selection from Babyshop.

In order to turn a consistent seller into a top-seller or trending product, you have to make the style unique. It is not necessarily the shape of the pillow that makes the product unique, but the fabric design, colors, or placement.

Dryers for sterilizers

This product has been trending for a long time. As you can see from the graph above, sterilizer dryers have been trending continuously since the end of 2018. However, their popularity seems to be restricted to North America. If you sell in the United States or Canada, you should try this product out.

Take a look at Midbie, the online baby product store for new moms. Not only do we love the design of their product page, but we also agree that their bundles are brilliant upsells.

Best-Selling & Trending Products for Beauty & Personal Grooming

There have been a lot of changes and Quality Assurance Specialists upheaval in the beauty and personal grooming niches this year, mostly due to lockdowns and trending COVID-related products, which jumped onto trend lists from the ground up. You are likely to have noticed that many beauty products experienced a lull in their trend graphs in the middle of 2020. However, there was a noticeable improvement in 2021 and 2022 looks much brighter.

New Trend Alert: Beauty Fridges

A mini fridge by Smoko is the source for this information.

This year, beauty fridges were among the trending products. These products have been around since 2015, but in 2020 they became more mainstream, reaching the pages of Vogue and other leading beauty publications.

From the regional best products to start online search map below, you can see that they have a broad, global reach, with the greatest popularity in North America, Australia, and the UK.

Scrunchies for hair

It’s definitely worth testing hair scrunchies as an upsell product for a beauty, hair, or apparel accessory store. In 2020, they made such a big comeback that Pinterest noticed an increase of 6,309% – that’s not a typo – in hair scrunchie searches.

It’s trendy to check out YouTube ads and influencer content for 2022 trending products based on the 90’s genre, including Y2K outfits (searches up by 669%), and 90’s streetwear (searches up by 277%).

The best thing about hair scrunchies is that they are cheap to produce, sell, buy, and fit into various niches. The trend of pairing scrunchies with face masks is one of the most popular sub-trends right now, especially in niche stores such as beauty, hygiene, apparel, or combination stores.

Fake eyelashes

There is no sign that fake lashes will slow down in 2022. You may remember them from last year’s best-seller list, but they continue to climb.

The Velour Beauty website provides this information.

As a result of mask-wearing, eye makeup has been one of the few beauty products to remain consistently high throughout the pandemic.

In the North American, South African, European, UK, and Australian beauty markets, fake lashes are so popular that whole shops have been created around them.


In addition to hair wigs, the downturn in 2020 appears to have had little impact on this beauty product.

It is estimated that the US wig and hairpiece industry will be worth $10 billion in 2023, despite growth percentages seeming to level off last year.

According to the map above, US, South African, and UK markets afre among the fastest-growing for wigs and hair extensions. Related Plaid Blazer for Women

Keeping your lips moisturized

This is another best products to start online cost-effective and best-selling product to sell online in 2022 – and as you can see from the trend graph, its popularity isn’t declining.

Lip balms are a popular but small product with an almost infinite variety of segments, types, and competitive advantages. Here are some trending types and their potential best-sellers for this year:

  • A lip balm that soothes your lips
  • Balms for your lips that glow
  • Balms that moisturize the lips
  • Lip balms made from organic ingredients

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