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Best Treks to do in India

Valley of Flowers Trek 

Value of flowers is located in Uttarakhand and it got the tag from the UNESCO World Heritage. The journey towards the Valley of Flowers starts from Delhi to Haridwar which is about 220 km. From Haridwar you can take the local bus to Joshimath or Govindghat. On day 0 you can stay in Haridwar in the nearby hotels and then start your journey to Joshimath on the next day, because the travel from Haridwar to Joshimath is about 280 km which you cannot do in a single day from Delhi. After an overnight stay in Govindghat or Joshimath you trek on day two will be heading to Ghangaria village(Treks).

You can also opt for a shade taxi till Pulna village and then start trekking from Pulna to Ghangaria village, which is 10 kilometers. This is at an  intermediate level trekking and you can have some beautiful views along the way. On day 3 the final destination to the Valley of Flowers will be realized, which you can start at 8am. The destination would be so beautiful that you will be forgetting all the trekking pain that you have taken to reach till here.

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Sar Pass Trek 

The Sar Pass trek starts at Kasol and you will be reaching Kasol from Delhi. Your Campsite in Kasol can be on the banks of Parvati river. And on the next day you will be heading to Grahan village while crossing the pine trees of the forest. For some time you will be trekking along the Parvati river but after a few steps you will be turning towards the hill gaining height to Grahan village. On Day two you will be heading to Min Tach campsite which is a bit tricky because of the gradual ascent that you will take. This trail is mostly filled with the forest area that will reduce your pain because of the beautiful scenes of the forest Treks.

The campsite of this is exactly in the middle of the mountains giving the perfect views of the Himalayas. On day 3 the trial starts towards Nagaru base camp. Unlike the early campsites, this Nagaru base camp is a bit cold and the temperatures may fall to minus degrees during the night. But the interesting thing is that you will get the chance of playing in the snow while doing the snow sliding. Then comes the time that you will be crossing the Sar Pass top the next day and witnessing the magnificent panoramic views of the snowy mountains.

Kedarkantha Trek 

The base village of Kedarkantha trek is Sankri village, which can be reached from Dehradun by traveling for about 16 hours. But reaching Sankari is not easy because there are no direct buses that will take you to Sankri from Dehradun. So from Dehradun you can travel till Purola. And then depart in Purola, from where you can take the local taxi or the bus to Sankri. Then on day two you will be starting early in the morning from Sankari in order to reach the next camp site called Juda Ka Talab. After an overnight stay in Juda Ka Talab you will be heading towards the base camp of Kedar Kanta which is about a two hour trek. This is the beautiful base camp where you can find mountains and meadows along with a valley Treks.

Next day is the crucial one where you will be hiking for the Summit. So you will be starting very early in the morning, that is at 4:00 a.m. For this you will need a torch because of the dark so, make sure that you bring them along with the other necessaries. After a hard till on this day you will be watching the spectacular sunrise views from the summit Treks. 

Kheerganga Trek 

The Kheerganga trek is a four day trek that will start from Delhi to Kasol. There are no direct buses to Kasol so, first you must arrive till Bhuntar and then take the local bus to Kasol. The best way to reach Bhuntar is to travel during the night so that you will be arriving at Bhuntar early in the morning. After reaching Kasol you can explore the area like you can also go till Manikaran Sahib and Chalal. Then on the next day, you can reach Barshaini from Kasol and from Barshaini on your actual trek to Kheer Ganga. Here, you can either take up Kalga village road or Nakthan village to reach Kheer Ganga. And then enjoy the springs of Kheerganga with the beautiful mountain views.

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