BMW 520i – Why is it a Perfect Pick for Long Commutes?

There was a time when people used to drive only for fun and enjoyment. They were more used to walking to work or using bicycles or public transport for bit longer routes. However, now cars and driving have become an inevitable part of the life of the general public. Whether you need to go to work, go grocery shopping or visit some other town, a car is your best partner.

Most people do not like driving ordinary cars as they are too uncomfortable. Moreover, driving luxury cars in routine might not be an ideal option for everyone. BMW 520i is a perfect pick for daily commutes, as it can be rented at reasonable charges. It also offers a comfortable riding experience which will make your traveling easier.

This article will discuss in detail why the BMW 520i is a perfect pick for longer commutes and help you finalize your choice.

Top 7 Reasons to Pick BMW 520i for Long Rides

BMW 520i is a perfect premium car, which does not offer any less than a luxury experience. Covering long commutes to work daily can make anyone dread driving. However, if you are riding a BMW 520i, the long path will be easily covered in the spur of the moment. The top-notch features of the BMW 520i make it a super comfortable and desirable ride.

Some of the major reasons you should pick the BMW 520i for long rides include the following:

1. Five Seats

BMW 520i is a car that comes with five spacious seats. Two-seater cars are fairly common and popular in the present times, but they are not environment friendly. More people can fit into the BMW 520i. It means everybody does not need a separate car that adds more carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Many people contact monthly car lease Dubai based dealers and rent BMW so their whole family can fit into it and enjoy their long rides.

2. Multiple Airbags

The most remarkable feature of the BMW, which makes it a perfect pick for long rides, is the multiple airbags. Car accidents have become too common today, even though the vehicles are well equipped with the latest safety features. Multiple airbags make sure to inflate well in time in case of an accident and save riders from fatal injuries. It is like additional security to keep you safe in unfortunate seniors.

3. Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are another major attraction of the BMW and make it perfect for long rides. Alloy wheels do not only look more appealing but offer numerous benefits too. Alloy wheels are far lighter than steel wheels, which significantly improves performance. They do not add to the vehicle’s weight, which boosts acceleration. Alloy wheels also make vehicle handling easier and smooth.

4. Electric Support Features

Adjusting the mirrors is one of the most critical aspects of driving smoothly, without any disturbance. However, it will become a hassle and disturbance if you are doing so manually. Moreover, you might need to roll windows up and down multiple times to get takeaways or enjoy the weather. BMW has electric support features to adjust mirrors and handle windows without manual effort, which is a great relief.

5. Classic Interior

Another important reason to pick the BMW 520i for long rides is its classic interior. Road trips are often quite tiring, and the interior of cars plays a significant role in it. Most cars are only designed for attraction and appeal and not for comfort. However, the BMW is not one of them. The classic interior of the car ensures it is perfectly smooth and comfortable. It also ensures sufficient legroom so all the riders can sit comfortably and enjoy long drives.

6. Spare Wheel

BMW 520i comes with a spare wheel which is another great reason to pick it for longer commutes. Uncertainties are a part of life. A wheel of your car can get punctured in the middle of the way with no support around. If you have a spare wheel on board in such a situation, you can easily change it and head your way. Otherwise, you might have to wait for hours until help reaches you and get you sorted for your journey.

7. Multifunction Steering Wheel

The last reason you should pick the BMW 520i for long rides without a doubt is that it has a multifunction steering wheel. The steering wheel can help drivers connect their mobile phones and manage calls easily. It also supports managing music, volume, navigation system, and multiple other car features. The feature is highly supportive for drivers and limits distractions. You can also contact dealers offering rental services and get a BMW 520i to ensure distraction-free and comfortable long rides.

Do you want to rent a BMW 520i?

Instead of wasting your time trying other rides, go for the BMW 520i to enjoy a comfortable experience. Contact the best car rental company in Dubai to rent the car and ensure you are not scammed.

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