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Box Measurements: Everything you need to know

Box Measurements: Everything you need to know

Box Measurements: Everything you need to know

Having the exact measurements of the cardboard boxes that we are going to use to store and transport our products is a key point to ensure correct shipping packaging. Learn why you should consider box measurements very well and how you should do it.

How to calculate the measurements of the boxes

When we begin to think about the logistics of packaging the products that we want to transport from a site, many questions arise, among which one stands out for its relevance: What are the measurements of the correct boxes that my goods need?

The answer lies in measuring it to assess whether it is consistent with the product that we are going to pack. This will allow us to have greater clarity about the metrics that we must request from the packaging provider and carry out a successful shipment that protects the merchandise until it reaches its destination.

The steps you must take into account to obtain the measurements of the boxes are:

  • First, it is important to recognise that cardboard boxes are made up of 3 measurements: length, height and width. Through these premises we will be able to calculate the volume and the perimeter, essential factors to perfectly pack the products, protecting us from the usual manipulations and cushioning of transport

Many companies that are in charge of commercial transport request the perimeter of the boxes to be sent to know exactly. How much space they will occupy and calculate the costs of the service. To obtain this information you only have to add the width to the height of the box and multiply that number obtained by 2.

The importance of correctly choosing the measurements of the cardboard boxes

Having accurate data on the measurements of the boxes that we will use to protect and transport our valuables is very important.

With this, we will not only know if the products will fit perfectly in the box or if we will have to change it for one that is according to its measurements, but also allow us to elucidate the storage space to consider when we have several boxes.

On the other hand, choosing the correct measures of the boxes has positive consequences on the products that are inside, since they allow it to be adequately protected since.

There will not be too much space left over inside and they will remain compact inside the package. In this way, during the manipulations that are very common in storage and transport. The merchandise will not suffer knocks or breakages and will arrive at the recipient’s hands in optimal conditions. For this point it is also important to have adequate protection material.

Box measurements: How to adapt the packaging to the size of your product

The packaging must always be adapted to the measurements of the products that are stored inside, hence the importance of having a correct personalized packaging.

Therefore, in addition to taking into account the measurements of the boxes, we must consider the physical characteristics of the merchandise: weight, dimensions, shape, arrangement.

Within the packaging, fragility, whether it is a solid or liquid element, whether it is flexible or rigid, if it is self-assembling, if it is capable of being altered in the face of certain external factors or climatic conditions, etc.

This information will allow us to choose, in addition to the appropriate measures, the perfect material to protect our product. Cardboard is one of the most used materials since it is customisation. It adapts very well to all types of merchandise and provides very good protection.

Today, the market offers a multiplicity of cardboard boxes with standard or personalised measurements according to each particular product.

Standard boxes

Standard or commercial format boxes are those. That are most used daily to store common products such as newspapers, postal items, magazines, books, office brochures, etc. That is why

It is important to know what the measurements of these boxes are.

  • The dimensions are varied depending on the element that must contain:
  • There are options with a length of 320 or 440 mm; width 230 or 320 mm; height of 165 or 315 mm.
  • The boxes to make postal shipments can be small (120 x 100 x 60 mm.); medium (250 x 250 x 100 mm) and large (up to 430 x 300 x 180 mm). There are also other intermediate measures to select from.
  • You can find boxes of the following sizes, always in millimeters and placed in Length x Width x Height:
  • From 120 x 100 x 60 the smallest
  • Going through 250 x250 x 100 the medium size
  • Up to 430 x 300 x 180 the largest

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