Can a Blood Test Detect Cancer?

The doctor will use tests on blood to help determine how well your general health is and the condition of your liver and kidneys are working. However, tests to detect cancer may include blood tests and biopsies. Yet, it is wise to consult an oncologist for the same.

For the majority of blood tests, you can eat and drink normally. However, if you take fasting blood tests, you’ll usually have to stop drinking and eating before the test. However, a doctor will always inform you of how long to be doing this for. After a medical professional has taken your blood sample, it is then sent to a lab to be analyzed to count the various blood cells.

Experts can also check for various kinds of blood-borne chemicals. The cancer doctor in Delhi also suggests a complete body check-up.

Blood tests for detecting cancer  

Blood tests are used to identify cancer and other illnesses. These kinds of tests generally look for tumor markers, which can be elevated if there’s cancer. However, there are various tests to detect cancer. However, blood tests alone cannot help in finding the cause of cancer. 

Blood tests can identify certain types of cancer like ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer. For example, if you suspect prostate cancer, the doctor will provide you with prostate-specific antibodies (PSA). It helps in diagnosing prostate cancer and other issues like an enlarged prostate.

There aren’t any tests using blood that can identify cancer.

A blood test cannot detect blood cancer. 

Most of the time, the blood tests by themselves cannot identify cancer. In addition, except for blood cancer, tests cannot differentiate between cancer and non-cancerous diseases. However, the test results could aid your doctor in understanding what’s going on within your body and whether inflammation or infection in your organs indicates something more serious.

An extensive examination of the patient. It involves obtaining the patient’s complete medical history, physical examination, and screening techniques. The various methods for diagnosing cancer include:

  • Testing in the laboratory.
  • Diagnosing endoscopic imaging examination.
  • Genetic tests.
  • Biopsies of tumors.

The Screening techniques help facilitate the early detection and treatment of certain cancers. Screening is beneficial for those who do not have any signs of health or illness. It helps to detect early signs of cancer. Examples include Pap Smear test to detect cervical cancer or mammography to detect breast cancer.


When your doctor reviews the results of your blood tests, they’ll order additional tests if needed to establish an appropriate diagnosis. These tests can include:

  • Ultrasound involves moving the probe over a certain region, such as the abdomen and then using sound waves to record images of organs.
  • CT scan: Computed Tomography (CT) scan Using numerous radiation sources (radiation) to produce clear images of the organs.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers precise images of organs; however, unlike CT scans, unlike CT scan, it makes use of magnetic waves.
  • A biopsy is a surgical procedure that takes the cells of a suspect for analysis. For instance, if your CBC tests indicate the presence of blood cancer, your physician will request an examination of your bone marrow to confirm your diagnosis.

Which type of blood tests are suggested during cancer?

Cancer doctors explain that normal blood alone cannot help detect cancer. Thus, there is an advanced blood test that can contribute. It includes:

Complete Blood Count (CBC):

A full blood count test (CBC) examines the number of cells created by the bone marrow that is present in the blood, including

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Platelets

Chemotherapy therapy affects the division of cells in cancer cells and bone marrow cells. As a result, it may cause bone marrow suppression. Therefore, the cancer doctors in Delhi may guide for tests to detect cancer.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

A CMP, which is performed by only one blood draw, comprises 14 blood tests. It will help you assess your overall health and help diagnose and treat cancer. CMP can reveal certain kinds of cancer based on the results.

The tests are a good way to determine the health of your body. CMP test also helps to assess how cancer treatments affect liver or kidney function and how calcium levels can affect the heart’s functions and bone health.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing your results from tests and coming to an assessment, your doctor will then determine the stage of cancer and determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you. They will go over the advantages and risks of each treatment based on your health, age, and personal preferences. However, if you notice any symptoms, please consult a Cancer doctor in Delhi through Credihealth.

Therefore, we can conclude that blood tests really do not contribute to detecting cancer. However, it can help in finding other health problems.

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