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Can WPC Decking Board Plank Be Glued?

Although WPC decking boards can be held in place with adhesive, we do not advise using glue as the main fastening. The fascia may be attached to the margins of your WPC decking with adhesive as a supplementary fastening. Please read your user manual before using glue so you will know more. You might also continue reading this article.

How WPC Decking Boards Are Joined

It’s simple to attach WPC decking boards together, and you may use screws or clips to do it. The type of WPC decking you are installing will determine the approach you use. Later, we’ll revisit this. In addition to using clips and screws, glue may be used to tighten and reinforce WPC decking.

Using fasteners and clips

For WPC decking with grooves, use clips and fasteners. Clearing the space is the first step in installing your WPC decking. To prevent grass from growing there again, you should clear the area of soil and grass and apply pesticides. You may start digging the holes for the post once you’ve measured and cleaned the area.

Using fasteners and clips

To secure the posts in place, the holes must be sufficiently deep. Then, combine cement and pour the resulting concoction inside the holes. You may begin connecting the outer frames to the post after the mixture has set. Screws should be used at this point to fasten the frames and posts together. Note that screws were used rather than glue. You can begin installing the inner framework or joists once the other structures have been joined.

Distance between Joists

The joists will be attached to the frames that you fastened to the posts, so keep that in mind. Make sure that there are no more than 16 inches between each joist. This stipulation applies to residential settings. Installing WPC decking in a business setting requires a minimum of 12 inches of clearance.

By using screws, you may do this work. You can, although it’s not required, place adhesive in the space between the joists and the frame. The WPC decking board plank can then be placed on the joists or substructure.

distance between the joists

Fix the initial clip from the side of the wall to begin. Fasteners are used to secure the starting clips to the joist. The starter clips should then be pushed into the WPC decking bohle planke to secure them. Keep in mind that you won’t screw the boards to the joist directly. Instead, you fasten the clips to the joist. Only decking boards with grooves can be installed using this approach.

Clips and Fasteners

You screw the decking board plank with no grooves directly to the joists. You will thus only use screws, not clips or other fasteners. And, You can begin installing the remaining wpc dielen 4 m after you have done installing the first sets. In the case of grooved boards, intermediary clips are required. Using ungrooved panels requires the use of screws. Making careful spacing the WPC planks 4 m apart is important.

The importance of this space is due to expansion and contraction. The decking board plank will buckle if there isn’t a gap between them. Your decking may be used to attach rails or the support pillar for your pergola. At this point, if you wish to construct a step, you should do so. The next step is to finish covering the edges once you have installed all of the WPC decking board plank.

Edge Protection for WPC Decking

Fascia boards can be used to cover the WPC decking’s margins. If you choose this option, the skirting on your WPC deck will show visible screws. Use the appropriate fascia boards for the job in this straightforward method. With screws, the fascia should be fastened directly to the frame or foundation. After you have already drilled holes in the fascia boards, you should do it. Your fascia boards should be fastened using screws.

Edge protection

We advise against using glue as the main fastening. Following the usage of screws, you may apply glue to the area to make it firm. Your fascia will not be superior to one that does not employ adhesive if you choose to use this extra procedure. Please make sure that where the fascia board ends meet, you allow the proper expansion spaces. A minimum of 0.2 percent of the board’s length should be set aside for growth.


Using glue as the main fastening while installing WPC decking boards is not something we advise. Your WPC decking board plank should be installed using either clips or screws.

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