Can Your Smartphone Catch Virus?

Smartphone and Virus

Smartphones are attractive gadgets and to own them is another out-of-this-world feeling. Currently, 84% of people around the globe have a smartphone. Slowly but surely we started to depend on this little device so much that now the majority of the population does their shopping online on their phone. Since we are always glued to our smartphones. Scammers found a new way to ransack us.

If we go ahead and check our email inbox, and messaging app. Over there you would find hundreds of spam messages. These spam messages are sent with virus-containing links. These viruses are also known as malicious software or malware. It is common if you were not aware that you have ended up installing malicious software. Have a smartphone with a broken screen and a damaged body? Use Quickmobile mobile repair service and get the best deal of your life.

This virus, later on, starts affecting our smartphones or does its work while running in the background. Based on the reports by Zimperium four out of ten smartphones are easily exposed to this deadly virus and in turn, make the user the victim of a cyber attack. However, there is always doubt in our minds if our phone was targeted by this deadly virus or if it is still affected by them, and if there is a way you can protect your smartphone?

How do Smartphones Get Infected by Malware?

Be it a smartphone or your laptop and desktop. If it can be connected to the internet then it is easily exposable to malicious viruses. Back in 2016, there was a new virus invented by the scammers best known as the Hummingbird virus, and ended up attacking ten million Android smartphones. It also exposed and made 85 million vulnerable to this virus.

Phone viruses work similarly to laptop viruses. A harmful code is sent to infect your phone. From there this malware starts imitating itself and it begins automatically sending all of your contacts this virus-linked message via email or messaging app.

Once the virus is installed inside your device. First, it will affect your functionality and also it will give hackers access to your data stored in your virus-infected device. Not only that, the hackers will always know your device location and will be able to watch anything you will search for and install on your device. When these malicious viruses are downloaded an app will appear on your mobile phone and basically, this app will work as a spy.

Such Flubot scammers make different countries their target and move from one continental to another every day. Making it easier for them to cover up and move on at a faster pace.

Signs to Look for to Find if Your Smartphone is Infected by Malicious Virus

Most of the time it is hard to tell if a deadly virus is attacking your mobile phone or not. But still, there are some telltale signs of abnormal behavior that you can always look for.

  1. The apps that used to easily open up in the past are now taking a long time to open and when they do open up they randomly crash together.
  2. If a malicious virus-containing app is installed on your device then it will always run in the background. Resulting in faster battery power drainage.
  3. Consumption of mobile data will be increased.
  4. Unrelated and unusual ads will pop up on your screen.
  5. Your phone will continue to overheat even if it’s a new device.

If you were able to detect any of the above signs and suspect that your smartphone is infected by malware. Here are some of the things that you can do to prevent the virus from further affecting your phone.

  • First thing first, delete every virus-containing app, link, or any other source.
  • There are thousands of anti-virus apps available on the app store. Download an antivirus app that is highly recommended by users and got good reviews. Where there are some free antivirus apps. However, they can only do so much and have limited capabilities. If you want the best results always go for a premium antivirus app. They may charge you some monthly or yearly fees but will be able to provide you with the best results.
  • Now go to your smartphone storage and delete all the storage and cache, also the browsed website history and data.
  • In the next step restart your Android phone and turn on the safe mode feature. This is an in-built feature of the new Android smartphone and it protects your phone from every dangerous third-party app as long as you keep it enabled.
  • If an app suddenly appears on your phone, the home screen that you have never downloaded uninstalls it right away. Also as an android user switch off safe mode after deleting all the suspicious apps.
  • In the last step for removing the virus, you can factory reset your smartphone. This way the phone will wipe out the entire data and that means malicious viruses will be deleted as well.

How to Protect Smartphones from Malware in the Future?

Since you were able to get rid of all the dangerous viruses from your phone after the factory reset. You always carry one question in your mind. How to prevent malicious viruses from attacking your smartphone in the future? We have some tips that you can follow and keep your phone and data safe.

  • Whenever a suspicious ad or link pops up on your phone screen. Shut it down right away and never click on the link anywhere. Be it social media platforms or messaging apps and spam mail.
  • Avoid third-party app stores. Always use the Google play store or Apple app store to download apps. Downloading unauthorized apps from uncertified sites is destructive to your phone safety.
  • Never jailbreak or modify any feature of your phone that is built to protect your phone from viruses.
  • Read all the guidelines for the app before you approve to install the app. Some apps ask for permission to invade your privacy.
  • Back up your phone data every day in case you ever have a factory reset your smartphone.
  • Update phone software to get the latest security software to fight the new virus.

Final Verdict:- Our old phone’s outdated software can only be used for so long. Every phone arrives with two to three years of software updates and outdated software cannot protect your phone from malware. Sell used phones and get instant cash to purchase the latest smartphone.

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