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Career Options New Personal Trainers Can Look Into

While becoming a certified personal trainer is an incredible goal to have, if you’ve worked in the industry for a while, it can get repetitive and a little boring too. It’s vital that you invest in personal development and skills that enable you to explore alternative fields and career paths.

Some of the best career options for personal trainers to explore and look at more closely include the following, many of which are professions that you can pursue alongside your full-time job:

Start by offering group fitness classes

The simplest career alternative for certified personal trainers is to look into group fitness training. While being a group fitness trainer requires specific training and education , you can easily apply much of the same principles, knowledge, and understanding of physiology and fitness to design and teach group workouts.

The approach is far more generalized, as are goals and objectives, but it’s also engaging, fun, and has its own challenges. You’ll be tasked with the unique responsibility to get multiple people from various fitness levels and backgrounds to participate in your training sessions, focusing on the group’s progress, and developing ways to hold them accountable.

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Design more general workout programs

Another great way you can use your skills as a certified personal trainer is by designing more generalized workout plans that other people can use. You can sell workout plans online or via apps, design workouts for remote clients, or develop a well-rounded program that people can purchase to get the best results.

It’s a great side hustle and allows you to share your knowledge productively and effectively with clients who don’t necessarily want the commitment, price tag, and inflexibility of a personal training or group fitness schedule. These workouts can be recorded, written out, or shared via other mediums, and people can follow them as they want.

It’s a great way to build your credibility as a trainer, as well as a more engaging community, and have high-quality services in places simultaneously.

Explore corporate fitness training services

Corporate America has increasingly begun investing in health and fitness for employees, and this market has a lot to offer for personal trainers who want to expand their reach. With the right connections, the right approach, and the right mentality, you can explore this field more extensively, developing a corporate fitness program that comprises workouts, workshops, and other uniquely designed material.

Tapping into the corporate market is an opportunity that trainers should take advantage of, given that it opens up a new world of referrals, large-scale fitness services, and the chance to expand their team and reach.

The reason why this is such a lucrative field is that corporations and startups are experimenting with their investments in this field, and it gives you room to negotiate competitive rates, make more money, and deal with a new work environment.

A personal trainer works with a medical fitness training client.

Look into fitness modeling and influencing

Fitness modeling and influencing is one of the most exciting career options for certified personal trainers, given that it allows you to show off your physique, demonstrate the results of your hard work, look great, and make added income.

Most certified personal trainers are in great shape already, and it’s relatively easy for them to land modeling gigs. However, there are also many fitness trainers who are changing the attitude toward fitness and appearance, by showing the world that you can still be fit without a six pack. You can use your knowledge and expertise for good, working as a model and showing the diversity of bodies and body types in the industry, and create a fitness influencing platform where you talk about various relevant subjects. Fitness influencing isn’t all about booty pics and ab photos; it’s about participating in relevant conversations, creating and building a community, and sharing informational, educational conversations and more.

In fact, studies have shown repeatedly that many impressionable audience members communicate, connect with, and are inspired by fitness influencers’ websites and platforms, which is why it’s important to be deliberate about your platform.

Health and wellness coaching services

Another key service and career path you can explore as a personal trainer is health and wellness coaching. Through taking a diverse, holistic approach to health, you can delve into wellness coaching to help clients focus on improving their lives.

Health and wellness coaching goes beyond the realm of physical fitness alone, and explores emotional wellness, lifestyle changes, and other facets too. You can work as a health coach in many capacities, and obtain a qualification through exercise instructor certifications.

Fitness management services

If you’re not fully committed to working as a certified exercise instructor, you can also look into alternative fitness-related careers such as fitness management. This role is on the administrative side of things and generally focuses on managing day-to-day affairs, equipment, operations, and other tasks related to fitness businesses. You can invest in a certification as a fitness management expert, getting accredited online and applying to various roles.

A certified personal trainer can explore various aspects and job prospects, including launching their own business, and improve your client outreach. W.I.T.S. Education offers an extensive range of personal health trainer programs and fitness trainer certifications  that will teach you about the many aspects of fitness services, including business management and marketing, different niche skills and specializations, and much more.

Their courses are some of the most comprehensive, well-designed professional qualification options that are intended to help you grow in your professional development.

About the Author

Valeria O. is a fitness trainer turned holistic health coach, who prioritizes overall wellness as part of her training and practice. She provides clients with the tools to work on their well-being independently, and achieve their health goals with her help.

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