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Common Reasons You Have a Leaking Dishwasher

Reasons Your Dishwasher is Leaking

A malfunctioning dishwasher is every homemaker’s nightmare. It burdens you with many more responsibilities like handwashing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen more frequently. If you don’t get this issue checked on time, it could raise your electric bill too. A faulty dishwasher may lead to an electrical malfunctioning in your home and spread the damage further. One of the most common signs of dishwasher malfunction is a water leak. If you make the mistake of taking care of this problem without professional help, you could damage your appliance permanently. So leave this job to the experts and give S&E Appliance Repairs a call for a checkup. Here are some potential reasons behind a dishwasher leak and their possible solutions.

1. Drainpipe Issue

If the dishwasher leaks every time you use the kitchen drain, then the malfunctioning is caused by the drainpipe. If this part is blocked or clogged, the discharge hose will not be able to work properly. When the drain in your sink is old and worn out, it works slower and directs water into the dishwasher. Eventually, this excess water accumulates under the appliances and on the kitchen floor. If the problem is limited to the pipes, you should lift the drain pipe above the sink level and avoid water buildup. If this technique doesn’t stop the leakage, you should get in touch with a dishwasher repair professional in Fairfax, VA, immediately.

2. Gasket Damage

A worn-out gasket is another common reason for a dishwasher leak. If you notice water puddles forming on the kitchen floor at the front side of the dishwasher, it means the gasket is getting old. You can check this issue further by inspecting the seal on the door. If there are any visible signs of wear and tear, you should call a dishwasher repair service provider in Alexandria, VA, and schedule maintenance.

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3. Pump Seal Issue

When you notice water puddles accumulating under the dishwasher, it points to a pump seal leakage. This is a vital component in the dishwasher and has to be repaired on time.

4. Float Switch Problem

When a dishwasher is overflown with water, its float switch might not work properly. This leads to leakage and many other lasting damages to the appliance.

5. Loosened Door

Do you notice water leaks under the dishwasher right after each wash cycle? Then your door latch might be too loose to keep the water in. This problem is common in old dishwashers that have been used for years without repair. Take a professional’s help to determine the cause of this issue and get the door latch tightened. And if the leaking continues, find out more about this problem by consulting with S&E Appliance Repairs.

6. Tub Damage

Your dishwasher’s tub is often the first component to cause leakage. If you have used heavy-duty cleaners and detergents in your dishwasher for many years, its tub is bound to get damaged. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this issue, and you will need to invest in a new dishwasher.

7. Wrong Cleaning Agent

Dishwashers come with user manuals, and if you want to make this appliance last the longest, you must follow the guidelines religiously. Putting laundry detergent or any other cleaning agent in the dishwasher is harmful to its internal mechanism. It can also cause excessive lathering and force the water out of the door. So use dish soap in moderation for your dishwasher and avoid frequent dishwasher repairs.

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8. Faulty Hose or Valve

The hose and valve of a dishwasher are the quickest to depreciate. If all the connections are not intact, it could easily lead to a water leak on your kitchen floor. So get these components checked regularly and get them replaced when needed.

9. Dishwasher Placement

A dishwasher must be placed on a perfectly flat surface for optimal function. If your kitchen floor is tilted or slanted, the dishwasher could leak or spill water on the floor during every cycle. You can easily resolve this issue by changing the position of the dishwasher from underneath.

About the Author

The author of this blog works for S&E Appliance Repairs and helps homeowners find the cause of damage to their dishwashers. He has gained expertise in his field by working with some of the most experienced dishwasher repair professionals in Arlington, VA.

Are you still struggling to figure out the reason for your leaking dishwasher? Then S&E Appliance Repairs can help you out of this situation. Their dishwasher repair services are known around Springfield, VA, for their reliability and effectiveness. So give their highly-skilled professionals a call and solve all your dishwasher-related problems.

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