Construction Board With New Generation Features That Is Addressing The Challenge

Making sure your site is safe and secure isn’t only about protecting your equipment but also making sure your workers and teams are protected as well. This is the reason fencing on construction hoarding sites is extremely crucial. If you choose to go with high-quality or anti-climb fencing, hoarding panels offer several alternatives when it comes to hiring security fencing.

Benefits of Fencing For Construction Sites

  • It is easily installed and then erected swiftly and effectively
  • It’s light, making it easy to carry and keep in
  • Fences are galvanized to the highest quality for strength and durability
  • They may include the crucial anti-climb mesh
  • Additionally, you can choose from other extras, for instance, round tops that enhance security on your site.
  • Fences are easy to stack
  • Fences can also be rented for any period of duration
  • They are an excellent long-term, cost-effective investment.

Signage Messaging

Option 1: Write something totally different from the wall being constructed or installed on the opposite end of the wall.

A message about the upcoming event. Keep the message simple and clear with the essential questions of what’s coming on the signs. Include photos of promotional renderings whenever appropriate (and when appropriate) and the logo of your company and EIA logo.

If you’re putting in dates of the completion date, this must not be a date in the actual sense but rather the season and year. We request that timelines are not over-compensate. If completion is estimate at the conclusion of a season, then the following season is indicate on the notices as the date of the opening.

Wayfinding – Include wayfinding in the wall wrap as often as you can. Take into consideration sight lines that are hidden from view due to the hoarding wall. Add the directional information to a building site hoarding that is printed directly onto the wrap. This will likely be at a higher elevation, which makes it more noticeable and eliminates the need for the traditional lollipop sign stands.

Wayfinding should follow EIA-approved templates for wayfinding signs that include fonts and colors, etc. Check out Creative Services if further clarification is need.

Hoarding Wrap Design

The design of the wrap should be high quality and adhere to the standards set by the brand at EIA. It is preferential to not utilize images more than once however we are aware that the resolution is high in these images and in some cases this could be a problem.

Multiple images may be display on a different hoarding wall but not on the exact wall. It is recommend to ensure that the hoarding signage is appliy once on each wall on the opposite side that is the subject of hoarding. If it is an EIA message. If it’s not -the branding standards and the messaging of the business or the retailer are adhered to.

Approval Process

Signage approval procedures and hoarding for construction. It is generally accept that EIA Creative Services and Operations managers must approve of signs. If the message is link to concessions or retailers then

Concessions require approvals, and if they are marketing, Marketing will need approval.

Approval Is Require Through The Following Channels Prior The Choosing And Putting Up Signs:

Step 1: Project Manager or Sponsor to collaborate with Outlet to develop a timeline to install the hoarding. Gather details such as logos, measurements, and so on in order to create the wrap for hoarding.

STEP 2: The project is sent to Creative Services (CS) for the design of the wrap.

STEP 3. CS distributes feedback to the appropriate managers and the representatives of Marketing, Concessions, and Operations to receive feedback and reviews.

Step 4. CS is then able to provide the complete file to the Project Manager or Sponsor, who will seek final approval from the outlet (if needed).

Step 5: Once all approvals have been received, final files are sent to the supplier and the installation date is set.

construction hoarding is an effective marketing tool that communicates something about your business. Do you make full use of this? Does it inspire excitement over the progress within?

Does it appear appealing and professional? Is it maintain? With such a massive visual impact, it’s crucial that your signage always appears the best and represents your company in the most professional possible way.

The start of the year is an ideal time to review the hoardings you have in your building.

Here Are Three Important Components To Be Inspect:

Appearances – are the colors bright and vibrant or fade and dull? Are the hoardings clean? Is it tag with graffiti? Do all sections have any kind of graphic, such as hoardings advertising, or are some sections of plywood left unfinish?

Branding – Does your hoarding represent your brand properly? Sometimes, modifications to the company’s logo and any other element of the organization’s visual identity can take time to spread across all corporate assets. In the simplest sense does the logo have any consistency? For instance, is the logo identical across all the sections on the sign? Are corporate messages uniform and current?

By-law compliance – in a lot of communities across Canada local bylaws require developers to allocate a certain proportion of their hoardings for public art. This can help beautify the neighborhood and promote local talent and turn what in some instances could be a snore into something interesting and unique.

Are your construction hoardings in compliance with the local laws?  Repairing damaged or missing hoarding panels made of plywood could pose danger to your safety and look awful. Does your hoarding require repair or replacement?

Temporality Do your graphics and written messages communicate the most recent information? For instance, do they accurately reflect the current state of construction, like the 70% sale, sold out or sold out, etc.?


Hoarding board can be a powerful affordable method of protecting your site as well as providing an extensive advertising area around the edges of your website for your advertising message. The most common use is to promote building developments as well as other construction projects.

Generally, hoardings are utilize to show what the work will be like at the completion of the project and also provide a marketing message, such as the best place you can get in touch to purchase the property. Another benefit of hoardings is that they cover the construction work occurring within the fencing.

We’ve been creating custom-design site hoardings that are print on-demand for decades, and working with all kinds of businesses. We take care of the entire process from beginning to finish and then print all images in-house to guarantee only the finest quality of finish for your design. If you do not have an artwork we also provide the design service, which our team of experienced designers will bring your concepts to reality.


James Hannay

James Hannay, marketing manager at Hoarding Printing Company in London, is well-known in the business and marketing communities for his diverse business and marketing abilities. A brand strategist, he is an expert in user engagement who is open to new challenges that provide value to the organisation. He regularly contributes to the most prominent blogging platforms, which enables him to share his decades of experience with a larger audience.

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