Corrugated Boxes have a long useful life.

Corrugated Boxes are the vitality of modern transportation and packing industries. Imagine that nearly everything we use is pack or moved, transported, and then received in a brown container.

Packaging is a crucial element in our daily life. To help us transfer things from one place to B, we must understand the details of how companies create Corrugated Boxes.


When you think of cardboard, people usually think of the large brown boxes which are use to transport things. If you’re not working in the industry of packaging it’s likely that you don’t realize that the term “cardboard” usually refers to think paper stock also known as heavy-paper pulp. Cardboard is the heavier paper that is use to make cereal boxes, tissue greeting cards and many more. Although corrugated boxes are create using cardboard, they’re not the identical.

Corrugated is comprise of three layers of heavy paper stock, which are then connect. Two pieces of outside that are flat called liners are surround by a layer of groove cardboard that is sandwich between them. The paper-like is refer to as flute cardboard. It is available in various sizes, allowing for various degrees of durability.


Corrugated Boxes is among the most commonly utilize shipping materials. In reality, 95% of all goods that are ship in the United States are ship in corrugated containers because they are economical, lightweight and recyclable. The boxes are able to withstand the strain of stacking thanks to their multi-layer design, making them perfect for transporting items.

Businesses prefer using corrugated cardboard boxes due to how durable the material is. Corrugated cardboard is among the greenest packaging options since it is made from a greater amount of recycle materials which can be reuse repeatedly. What is the procedure of creating a corrugated container begin?

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

It’s common that corrugated cardboard is compose of recycle materials usually take from old cardboard or paper stock. Recycling recycle cardboard requires only approximately 75 percent of the energy for the creation of new cardboard. When cardboard is recycle the fibers break down. That means cardboard will be recycle only eight times.

corrugated boxes

Although most corrugated boxes are make out of recycle paper, it’s important to create new cardboard using fresh pulp from freshly harvest trees. The fast-growing, sustainable woody trees like pine are the principal raw material that is use to create corrugated cardboard. After the trees have been cut to size, they are strip of their limbs and the trunks are sent to a mill for pulping.

Step 2. The Pulping Process

In the mill, wood is transform into paper by the Kraft process. Tree trunks first are converted into wood chips and it is processed with chemicals that reduce it into fibrous pulp. After processing and pulping the fibers are then sent to the paper mill and are shaped and then fired, pressed and then cut into large thick, heavy roll of brown paper.

Step 3. Manufacturing and Fluting

In order to create the wavy paper stock the rolls of Kraft paper are fed to an automated corrugated roller. Incredibly, corrugated rollers have been use from the beginning of 18th century and were use in the past for adding ruffles to clothing like hats and shirts. Once the paper has pass through the corrugator machine, adhesive is employ to attach the liners on both sides. After the corrugate is connected, it’s cut to the form of the boxes. 

Step 4. Usage

The primary industries that make use of corrugated containers include the food and shipping industries. Corrugated containers are affordable to create and provide an even cushion for the products kept inside, and keep items secure during transport. It’s not just that this kind of container durable, light and cost-effective, but it’s also food safe. Corrugated boxes are typically made using environmentally friendly glues, making them suitable for food storage and more sustainable for the environment.

Step 5. Recycling

After being use, corrugated boxes are recycle and return to the mill for paper. The process starts the process over again! The corrugated cardboard is immerse in chemicals and water to break it up and the stables and coloring are eliminate. The corrugated that has been broken down is later blend with virgin fibers and transform into new corrugated cardboard!

Corrugated cardboard is recyclable up to eight times which makes it an extremely eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging materials to utilize. Utilizing eco-friendly glues such as gelatin-base glues or liquids, help to recycle corrugated more easily and more sustainable for the environment.


In looking ahead to the future of shipping and packaging industries. It’s crucial to know that there is a lot involved in the creation of the perfect package. Sustainability is a must as economies of the world and local become more dependent on the ability to transport goods and merchandise efficiently and quickly.

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