Crazy Trends About Custom Shelf Talkers – Colourful Point of Purchase Advertising!

Do your customers have trouble in finding the items they want or reading labels? Help them by using Our Custom Shelf Talkers! Not only are they fully customised to meet your requirements as well, but they’re simple to use and economical too!

Make sure your products are coordinated with vibrant and vivid colours to provide customers quickly find the right product for your customers. Or, incorporate your logo and brand information whenever your product is placed in a different place!

Utilise any of our custom-designed stocks and then add the adhesive to make it easy to apply! Choose polished high Gloss Lamination to get an elongated dangler with waterproofing that will last longer, or consider adding Spot UV to give it a distinctive look!

Want an exciting option? Check out our shelf talker to grab your customers’ attention as they wander through the aisles of your store!

What Is A Shelf Talker?

Shelves talkers are unique displays made of paper and are hung from shelves in front of your item. They’re full-colour marketing solutions that have proven to be successful.

Make use of them to display pricing, promotions announcements regarding price changes and additional information on the products and their contents, or as an extension to grab the attention of shoppers walking across. In the promotion of your product, the label and shelf talking device are two ways you can catch the attention of your client and make the sale.

It’s crucial to be aware of the exact method you’re using to create those sales.

How To Make Use Of Shelf Talkers?

Shelf talkers are far more useful, we’d suggest they are indispensable. What can you do to attract their interest?

Shelf talkers for wine are very popular in stores as the selections within a single aisle can be wildly diverse. Make use of the wine shelf talkers’ template to further educate and educate your customers about the different varieties or countries of origin or even about particular wineries.

  1.     Material

Our entire custom of personalised door hangers come printed with full digital colour on the front using synthetic 14-point white. This provides an ethereal look to your shelf talkers.

Take a look at our options for stock paper to get a wide range of options for custom shelf talkers.

  1.     Shape

If you’re looking for a unique shape, check out our shelf danglers, where we provide a wide range of shapes. You can choose the 4″ round or a round, 4″ square or square, 4″ 3″ rectangle 5″ and 3.5″ rectangular, 3.75″ five” rectangle, or our five” four” oval.

Is there a new shape or dimension in your mind? You can also submit an original shape and size for shelf talkers.

Customers are already at your store or in the department aisles, but how are you going to keep them in the store? How can you bring them to be closer to the item by grabbing it off the shelf and putting it in their carts or baskets? Answer: shelf wobbler

We have designed and created many kinds of merchandise with our packaging printing services But shelf talkers are crucial for a well-designed and properly prepared department store or store. Don’t miss this chance to boost your sales!

Designing Shelf Talkers

The appearance for shelf-talkers will be the most effective when they are colourful, bright and look like your product. Do you need some examples of shelf talkers?


With the help of shelf talker printing We can provide custom shelf talkers to you within 4 business days. You can purchase as little as 100 or as many as 1000 shelf talkers one time.

However, your product might not receive the recognition it deserves if a consumer is hurrying through a retail store.

Maximise the Value of Your Shelf Talkers

As we’ve mentioned, there are a myriad of ways to let your shelf talkers perform all the speaking for you. If you’re looking for additional ideas for key words and ideas to get the most of the space you have for signage or need more ideas for your design process Read on to find out more!

Discounts will always be a fantastic option, so make use of words such as “discount”, “new size”, “more for less”, “special”, and “hot sale” to demonstrate to your customers that buying your product is in their best interests!

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