Database is being Recovered Until Recovery is Finished – Error Fixed

While accessing the database the Server shows the error like the Database is being recovered waiting until Recovery is finished. You may find this error while recovering or attaching and detaching the database. Sometimes the database may take a longer time to recover, So we have to wait for the complete recovery of the database so that it becomes accessible to the user.

What Causes SQL Database in Recovery Pending State?

Sometimes, the SQL Server databases can be stuck in recovery mode and until the proper recovery is not finished, one can not access the database. This is the most critical problem that may take a longer time to recover the database from the recovery pending state. When restarting the SQL Server 犀利士
again, the database automatically goes into recovering state. It only becomes online after completion of the recovery process.

  • The SQL Server was restarted manually, due to a crash or a server.
  • A severe error in the database caused the database to be shut down and recovered.
  • Recovery was initiated deliberately by someone executing a Restore with Recovery.

Other causes and Solutions to fix the Database Error

  1. Large Size of Log Files
    The database recovery may take time due to the large size of Log Files(.ldf) that generates too many Virtual Log Files(VLDFs).

Solution – Apply Microsoft Cumulative Updates

If the recovery is slow due to bugs in the system or the system is not up to date. So, we need to check for updates and if it is available then apply them to the system.
Apply cumulative updates released by Microsoft to fix the slowing down database recovery issue – when there are too many VLFs in a log file in SQL Server 2005, 2008, and 2008 R2. For detailed information visit the Microsoft Site.

2. Auto_Close Property is Turned on

When the Auto_Close property is enabled, a database shuts down after all connections to the database are closed. So, when a user tries to connect to the database, it goes into the recovery phase and shows the error message SQL Database is being Fixed until Recovery is Finished . In that case, the recovery will be quick if the database shuts down properly. But it can be slow if the database is not shut down properly, So next time when you try to back up the database it takes more time to recover. It can be happened due to repeated opening and closing of the database.


To turn off the Auto_Close Property in SQL Server Management Studio.

To do so follow the given steps given below:

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS), expand database

2. Right-click on the affected database, and choose Properties

3. Click the options tab in the database properties screen and set the Auto Close value to FALSE.

4. Click OK.

Now check if the database opens without any issue.

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Alternative Solution

If there are some corrupt files in the database that you can’t recover by using the above methods, then you must try the Professional SQL Recovery Tool to easily recover the database without losing any data.

This is an advanced software that helps to repair corrupted files, it can recover deleted records from the database files without losing a single bit of data. With the help of this tool, we can easily export data to the SQL Server database.

Here is the step-by-step guide to Fix SQL Database Recovery.

Step 1. Download and install the software and open it. The following screen will appear.

Step 2. Open MDF File
From the software menu Click ‘Open’ and browse the desired MDF file from its location.

Now, select the damaged MDF file and click on ‘Open’.

Step 3. Select Quick Scan for normal corruption of database files and check the auto-detect option if you want to detect the SQL Server version automatically.

NOTE: If the Auto detects option fails then you can also try selecting the SQL server version manually.

Step 4. The Software will show the scanning reports after performing the Quick Scan operation on MDF Files

Step 5. The software will show the Quick Scan results and recommend an Advanced scan if the expected results are not found by Quick Scan. Click OK to preview.

Step 6. Now Click on Export and start recovering the database.


SQL Server stores all the data, and sometimes the data may be corrupted at any phase. So, the database often goes through hindrances that need to be fixed. The data may be corrupt sometimes due to various reasons which we have discussed above. Whenever, a database fails to shut down properly, the SQL Server goes into different states such as Online, Suspect or Recovery pending state. So, this is important to resolve the issue on time.
Here, we have provided the possible solutions to recover the database issue showing “SQL Database is being Recovered until Recovery is Finished”. If the above two methods didn’t work to solve the problem then you can try the professional method which is easy and effective to recover the database.

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