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Your child is turning one soon, and everyone is asking you, “What do you want me to get them for their birthday?” yet you have no idea what the best presents are for children who are one year old. We’re here to assist. Your youngster is probably moving around more now, getting some tummy time, and perhaps even taking steps and babbling when you sing them songs. You want the best for your child. So you give them toys buy from Kids Toys Shop in Lahore that will boost their learning and keep them entertained, especially since they are spending more time awake these days.

First birthday presents are significant. Therefore providing age appropriate items that will assist your child in reaching their milestones is perfect. Bright colors are vital for babies this age since they are enticing and signal to your child that it is time to be active pastels are lovely. But To keep that little mind active and engaged, stock up on toys of all colours that’s available at Kids Toys Shop in Lahore.

Other first birthday toys that we like focus on movement and music. Music may be enjoyed at any age, and sensory play is ideal for newborns and toddlers. Some newborns will crawl around a puzzle board as their tiny fingers grasp and move the puzzle pieces around, making it a full body workout.

But all of that is general. So, let’s look at our top first birthday toys for your one-year-old.

Here are our six favorite first birthday presents.


Bead mazes are traditional baby toys are available at Kids Toys Shop in Lahore, but this one will take your child’s playtime to a new level! This table provides visual stimulation and hands-on fun that will keep your toddler occupied for hours and allows your child to stand and strengthen those little legs while they play.


A toy your child can push is essential from the start of walking and for months after that milestone is accomplished. This gives kids confidence when walking and is a lot of fun. A colorful and interactive walker can give a variety of activities to keep your child entertained. Children can sit in front of a walker and play with the various features such as the bead maze, sliding animals, and spinning elements, or they can push it around. There are numerous alternatives for walkers, with something for every baby and every budget. So browse the entire selection here.


A baby doll or stuffed animal to love, adore, and care for will benefit your one-year-old much. At this age, a soft doll that can interact with their clothes or accessories is recommended to avoid knocks and bruises. You may always add furnishings like high chairs, prams, or beds for your child’s doll once they care for it like a parent.


We’ve already extolled the virtues of stacking toys; learn about the advantages of stacking toys. They’re an excellent approach to achieving developmental milestones! Toys that not only stack but also nest (such as our cubes) are popular since they are easy to store and take up little room. Your youngster will love stacking, building, and knocking down constructions they create with their own hands. Wooden building blocks are also an excellent present for 1-year-olds because they will cherish them for years.


We’ve said it before, but musical toys are critical for your baby’s growth. Our Melody Mixes are great for hand-eye coordination and aren’t as loud as electronic toys that play music on their own – a win-win situation. A xylophone, jingle bell, or maraca are fantastic wooden toys you buy Online Shopping Toys for Boys and Girls to help your youngster establish a love of musical instruments if you’re searching for a smaller gift.


It’s time to get a little messy! Giving art and craft tools as a gift is a great way to get your young child started on their artistic adventure. Color stimulation and recognition, fine motor abilities, sensory development, hand-eye coordination, and creativity all benefit from art play. Even newborns and toddlers can enjoy our craft items, so break out the paints or dough and let your child touch, feel, explore, and create with artistic gifts.

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