Effect of technology on the, both in a positive way as well as in a negative way

Imagining a life of a normal person these days without technology will be a subject of daydreaming. It has made its presence in almost every domain of life. From giving basic needs like cool air through a fan and bright light through bulbs to adding advanced entertainment through voice sensational devices like Alexa, technology has changed our lives entirely. As you can not imagine the world of a past era when technology was not evolved, similarly you can not imagine the world after 20 years because the dominance of technology is increasing rapidly.

Along with providing human lives with ease and comfort, it has impacted the surroundings and natural resources. Here you can assess the positive and negative aspects of technology in our lives.

How does it help us?

First, we discuss the areas where technology has become a part of our lives.

  • Build your strong connections through technology –

The invention of the internet has made the connectivity so strong that you need not be present physically to have good communication. Not only the personal relationships but the professional relationships also get stronger.

  • Enhanced efficiency –

In the past, solely depended upon manpower for any industrial work. The chances of slow work and many mistakes were high at that time but new technical machinery has not only improved the efficiency level but it has lessened the chances of mistakes also.

  • Decreased mortality rate –

Technology has saved many lives from deadly deceases. The advanced technical equipment makes the suffering people able to live for a few years more. In this modern world, people do not fear fatal diseases like Tb and Cancer because the technology in the medical field helps in replacing the affected cells with new cells.

  • Reaching people with business ideas has become super easy –

The days are gone when people travel a lot just to convey their information or any kind of services they offer. Tele communication and online advertisement have made accessing information easy. A single click on Funeral services in India can lead you to all the information regarding it. Gaining knowledge and taking advantage of that service from the ease of your home is nothing new these days just because of technology. Business people can make a large customer base through the help of technology.

How does it affect us negatively?

Most people usually talk about the advantages of technology and they appreciate them. But we can not ignore the other side of the coin. Reaching the moon and establishing a space center there can be a subject to appreciation but the debris ( wastage of space crafts and other machinery) will always be a subject of deep concern.

Here you can see the fields where technology is impacting the lifestyle severely.

  • Pollution is the major cause of disturbance –

Nobody can deny the fact that technology has enhanced the level of pollution in many fields. Not a single element of nature is intact from the pollution. Whether it is air, water, soil or food items grown in the polluted soil. You can understand this phenomenon by a single example. The increasing population is investing the money to buy a car and hence the emission level due to these vehicles is also increasing. We can cut down these polluting substances by making a firm decision regarding the control of pollution. We can use technology in decreasing the level of emissions by using electronic vehicles. A wise choice of people can create a huge difference.

  • Bad lifestyle due to taking excess advantage of technology –

On one hand, technology has made our life so easy because we can get services on our doorsteps. But excess of anything leads to destruction only. Just because of excess leisure we are witnessing several diseases like obesity, body ache, depression, etc. We have restrained ourselves to a lifestyle where no place is vacant for fresh air, a few minutes walk barefoot, seeing sunrise and sunsets. Connectivity with technology has increased but connectivity with nature has or we should say that it has vanished completely. Depending on tech appliances more than necessary can be destructive to humanity.

  • Information theft –

Information leaking, identity theft, and hacking the accounts are some news that we see on daily basis on social media news or traditional news channels. People who use technology in the wrong way are only contributing to crime. A security password that we consider strong enough to secure our information is just a set of few digits that can be easily broken by ill-minded people. As a recommendation, you should avoid putting everything related to your life on social platforms so that you can prevent such incidents.

  • The unemployment rate has increased –

Though we appreciate the contribution of technology in our lives because it has made our work very easy and added comfort to our lives. But we are forgetting the fact that it has snatched jobs from many low-skilled workers. Learning technology at an age of fifty or more can be a tough task. The new machines have replaced maximum manpower from industrial areas. People are finding it tough to learn new skills and losing their earning sources rapidly. The skill programs can help such people learn the new methods of operating machinery and continue their jobs for years.

Everything has its two aspects one is positive and the other is negative. It is completely up to the people what they are choosing. Allowing technology in our lives to a certain limit can be productive but using it excessively or in the wrong way can lead us only to destruction. We should focus on the technical ways which help in lessening global hunger and poverty instead of contributing to increasing the pollution levels and bad lifestyle. The technology could be a boon for human beings if it is used positively. Destroying nature or leading it to prosperity, both options are in our hands.

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