Everything you need to know about AngularJS


AngularJS is a framework introduced by Google that helps you develop interactive single-page web-based applications. AngularJS helps you get a clear vision as it extends the use of basic HTML syntax by using “DIRECTIVES”. Therefore, after the introduction of AngularJS, the task of developing Rich Internet Applications is no big deal. For this reason, AngularJS has achieved the top position and is used by professional developers. Overall, it also enables high performance and easy maintenance of web applications for the developers.

Why AngularJS is popularly used?

As you know, frameworks like AngularJS give you more freedom and ease while creating a web-based application. Because of its high popularity for developing single-page web applications, there is a huge demand for AngularJS experts. If you are interested you can join the finest AngularJS Online Training, and learn the skills required to develop web apps using AngularJS.

Now let us understand the core aspects of the AngularJS framework:

  • Single-Page Applications

Since developers want to use less coding to save time, the need for single-page applications has increased.

  • Front-End Applications

Websites like Google, PayPal, Netflix, etc. use front-end applications. So, for businesses to grow, you must develop applications that are attractive and with an easy user interface.

  • Binding Data

While developing a web application you have to create some duplicate codes which take more time. But the data binding feature automatically limits the number of duplicate codes.

  • MVC (Model View Controller)-

MVC consists of Model, View, and Controller. Firstly, the Model helps in the handling of application data. Now, the View represents the data in a given format. Finally, the Controller helps in managing all the user inputs and actions required.

  • Feature of Dependency Injection

Because of this inbuilt feature of AngularJS, developers can now easily develop web applications and easily test them. As it enables you to request for dependencies.

  • User Interface is the best

Although, there are so many frameworks available for developing web applications. Still, It gives the best and the most interactive user interface. Thus, you experience an organized user interface that helps you manage important components.

  • Cross-Platform Framework

At present, there are several different platforms and operating systems for apps to run. As a result, applications created through it support all the platforms like Windows, Android, etc. without affecting the performance.

Finally, you can now see what makes its the best option to start with your journey of web app development.

Why should you learn AngularJS?

As an app developer for the web, you’ll need to meet the latest market trends and use new frameworks frequently. While developing web-based apps using this framework, you must have a strong knowledge of JavaScript and also get familiar with the MVC (Model View Controller). Also, a proper understanding of other languages like HTML. After understanding web app development using AngularJS, you can develop Video streaming apps, e-commerce apps, Weather apps, Social and Travel apps.

Do you want to want to learn AngularJS and start your journey of becoming a professional web app developer? If yes, you can search for the best AngularJS Training in Noida with trained professionals to help you with the AngularJS framework.


Because of the continuous changes in business and market trends, managers or investors use unique approaches. The demand for front-end and single-page applications has increased over the period. Thus, to develop single-page web-based applications you must know how to use this system and develop web apps.

To sum up, the AngularJS framework comes with all the enhanced features making it the best tool for developing web applications. Therefore, you can learn this software and make a prosperous career.

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