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Everything You Need to Know about PU Flooring Coatings.

Pu Flooring In Coimbatore

Epoxy (EP) and Polyurethane (PU) flooring are two of the most common industrial PU Floorings in Coimbatore and around the world

Polyurethane Flooring

PU Flooring, on the other hand, is more flexible and therefore less prone to scratches. Polyurethane floor coating’s flexibility can also act as a waterproofing layer, preventing concrete (substrate) cracks from moving through the coating and appearing on the surface. This makes it an excellent choice for areas such as multi-story parking garages.

When it comes to chemical exposure, PU flooring is the better option, especially in food industries dealing with dairy, milk, and beverage production. which exposes the floor to lactic acids and other fruit acids.

While bare concrete floors can withstand tremendous weight and pressure. they are relatively porous and prone to significant damage if left untreated or uncoated.

Concrete will readily absorb dirt, chemicals, oils, and other spillages if exposed to regular foot traffic or the demands of a commercial environment.

Over the last few years, concrete floor protection has progressed from essentially nothing to a fairly sophisticated process involving some type of protective coating or surfacing.

The primary goal is to protect the slab from deterioration or contamination, as well as to provide some additional benefits such as aesthetics. wear, non-skid, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, and various other properties.

Whether you are building a new concrete floor or renovating an old one, you can finish the project with a variety of coatings.

Polyurethane and epoxy are two common coatings used on concrete floors.

The following are some additional benefits of polyurethane (PU) flooring over epoxy flooring.

a) Adaptable in Nature
b) UV Resistant
c) Seamless
d) Slip resistant
e) Abrasion resistant
f) Scratch resistant
g) Heat Resistant

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Polyurethane: What is it?

Polyurethane is another great option when it comes to choosing the right flooring for your commercial or industrial facility. Polyurethanes are polymers that belong to the carbamate chemical group. The carbamates combine with the polymers to form a sturdy floor covering. As a result, this chemical composition protects against bacteria, chemicals, and moisture.

Epoxy flooring vs. polyurethane flooring

The main distinction between epoxy and polyurethane flooring is that epoxy is generally harder, whereas PU flooring is more flexible.

As a result, if condensation, floor moisture, or extremely high humidity are present during the application of a PU flooring material. bubbles, blisters, pinholes, and wrinkles on the top surface, as well as debonding issues from the concrete substrate, may appear.

When comparing PU flooring to Epoxy flooring, epoxy is more sensitive to moisture than PU flooring materials.

In general, PU flooring materials cure faster than epoxy flooring materials, so if a project must be completed quickly, PU flooring is a good option.

PU flooring materials are also slightly more expensive in general, but it is important to remember that price is not always the only consideration, and more thought should be given to selecting the right material for the facility and/or intended purpose.

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