Everything You Should Know About Camping Knife Set Before Buying

Everything You Should Know About Camping Knife Set Before Buying

While camping, the requirement of a camping knife set is inevitable. You need it to install tents, do small cutting here and there, and, most importantly, prepare food. In this case, having a tactical knife set is quite a versatile option if you need a secure grip for things other than cutting and slicing during food preparation. For example, you can use it to split kindling, whittling wooden figurines, tent stakes, a marshmallow roasting stick, etc.

Having the best chef knife meant for the terrain is also important in this camping set, as a regular knife won’t do the work for you. So it is natural to get confused about how to choose a suitable knife for all your camping requirements. We will help you do that.

How to Choose a Camping Knife?

Opting for the right knife is a personal decision. However, while making that decision, you must first cater to what its most common purpose and application will be. Secondly, you must ensure you opt for a portable and durable one.

These are some of the features that you must consider while buying one:

  • Length: The length of the blade must be 5 inches or under. Four inches is the ideal blade length. A big knife does not always mean better. Oftentimes, you will use your knife for accurate work, so you would want a knife that is convenient for manoeuvring and working with.

  • Weight: While opting for a knife, lightweight is not helpful as the weight will add more stability. Four ounces is ideal for a knife(before including the handle weight).

  • Material: The ideal material for a camping knife set is either stainless steel or high carbon steel.

  • Style: While opting for a knife, you must consider the blade style, handle style, and grip style.

  • Choil: Choil can be described as a blade’s tiny cutouts or indentations located near the knife’s handle. It is used for sharpening the edges of other blades and light sparks with a Ferro rod.

  • Full Tang: This describes blades running from the blade tip all the way to the bottom of the knife. It is responsible for giving the knife more strength and stability.

Now, let us see what encompasses an ideal camping knife set.

Different Types of Knives in Camping Knife Set

Usually, a camping knife set consists of four different types of knives:

  • Fixed Blade: These knives are typically sturdier, stronger, and overall safer than other folding knives. They are easy to clean and sharpen. But, usually, these blades weigh a little more than a pocket knife, thereby taking up more space and demanding a sheath for safe carrying.

  • Pocket Knife: Pocket knives fit easily and comfortably into the pocket. The sharp blade of these knives folds back into the handle and locks into place. As they do not take up a lot of space, they are ideal for everyday hiking and backpacking tasks.

  • Locking Blade: A locking blade is a hybrid of a fixed blade and a folding pocket knife as it combines the former’s stability and the latter’s convenience. It allows the user for one-handed opening, a notch or cut out on the blade for easy grip, a smoothing folding mechanism, and a lock to keep the blade closed during storage and prevent accidental opening.

  • Multi-Tool: These are like tiny toolboxes wrapped in one compact and versatile device. It can perform various tasks with many tools such as screwdrivers, scissors, wire cutter, saw, bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew, blade, tweezers, and more (around 14 depending on the design).


Your black knife set for camping will be useful for various reasons, and it is sure to last a lifetime if you care for it properly. Use it for its intended purposes; however, always remember not to ask too much of your knife.

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