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Experts tips to Speed up Your Slow MacBook

Apple MacBook Pro & Apple MacBook Air are one of the highest recommended by professional who uses them every day for work. Yet these devices sometimes become slow & hang when you open any apps or try to edit many apps at a time. In this article, we will share with you a possible reason your device is slow and how you can diagnose it by yourself before you take it to any Apple Mac repair near me as this will save you lots of and you may be able to get it fix by yourself(Speed up MacBook).

Type of Mac:

MacBooks comes in two variants Apple MacBook Pro & Apple MacBook Air but has similar macOS and you will easily able to install any apps in both but the PRO is faster when compare it with Mac Air it generally has more RAM memory, High CPU GHZ (Generally more then 2GHZ) wherein Apple Mac air comes with limited RAM of 8GB and has processor GHZ of 1GHZ(Such as 1.6GHZ), etc this can be one reason your device hangs and freeze lot lets say if you are a video editor and wanted to edit 4K video and if you are using apple MacBook Air its will start freezing as soon as you one the file now its nothing wrong with the Mac Air it’s just you are doing work on a wrong device for this kind of work you will need MacBook Pro with 16GB plus RAM.

Old MacBook:

In case you are using an old MacBook Pro such as A1278 or A1502. Even though they are PRO but it has a RAM of only 4GB and in the model A1278 you do not have SSD (Solid State Drive). This play a crucial role when it comes to the performance of the device. Now in case you are using A1278, you can get your MacBook upgrade with SSD and RAM (500GB SSD & 16GB RAM) you can call any MacBook repair center and check what is the best compatible hardware upgrade for your Mac and with the ONSITE repair you can upgrade your Mac in few mins. Also if you are technically sound you can upgrade it by yourself. Now if you have the A1502 model with 4GB RAM there is nothing you can do. Because memory of this MacBook is soldered on the board and cannot be upgraded.


Apple macOS upgrades are essential as it has many security updates. When you install macOS updates such as big sur or Monterey they can make your device to become slow & you also may notice the battery is draining fast as these updates are quite heavy for old MacBooks hence post update you see your device hangs which was perfectly work fine before update the best solution is to take the full data backup and reinstall the compatible MacOS which was working earlier. You can also check the activity manager if there is an app that is consuming resources of your Mac. If yes remove that application and try. Apart from this, you can go to system preference under users login. You can find item login which you can remove. These apps generally open up once the Mac is boot and consume lots of resources. While checking activity manager make sure do not disable or delete any files which are needed by Mac to run. This can make your system unstable. If you have any doubt you can call any apple repair center for assistance.

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