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Five Ways to Make Sure Your Decisions Are Sound Judgment

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“Make a Sound Judgment” Some words have meanings that can be both fair and unfair. One of them is “judgment.”

We hope that the judges who maintain the law in our legal system will do so with compassion and fairness. However, even when judges are exceptionally qualified, the majority of us don’t enjoy going before them. We also hate it when people evaluate us or when we behave in a way that others feel judged.

However, we constantly pass judgment on others: That person is a horrible cook, a bad planner, or a bad driver. When you are a boss, it can have a significant negative impact on someone’s job and way of life. Such binary judgment isn’t nice. Consider this: You use your judgment to choose who to hire, and you use the same judgment to choose whether to advance in your job or receive a raise. It affects everything: Which course of action should we take? Which product ought to we develop? How do we address that issue?

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You make hundreds of Make a Sound Judgment” every day, and those judgments inform all of your choices. It is my sincere desire that you will accept this reality, take all reasonable steps to become aware of these assessments, and then proceed to make selections in an open and honest manner.

This is a very challenging problem. Even when we believe we are making choices based on the right information, we all have unconscious biases that influence our judgment. They influence us to hire people who act or seem similar to ourselves. They make us avoid things we don’t know or don’t know about.

• Make choices with a sense of curiosity…

Do I have all the information I would like to have? Am I overlooking anything? (You are, constantly.) Are there any ingrained biases emerging? Go back and reevaluate after asking yourself if you have considered all other options.

  • Consult with others to get their advice on what they would do in your shoes. Make sure you are not arrogant; don’t assume you are always right. If you don’t know the solution and you have time, don’t be hesitant to ask for assistance. Even while this doesn’t indicate you won’t make the choice, getting more opinions is frequently beneficial. (And the true test of mastery is when everyone else believes they made the choice, but you actually did.)
  • Determine whether you must make this choice. It’s nice if someone else can do it since it gives them a chance to improve their judgment. You should always be working to make that possible as a leader.
  • Recognize the decision’s time restrictions and proactively choose whether to make a decision or not. Is there a time limit on the need for a solution? If so, then do it. Delaying decisions is all too common, but doing so effectively constitutes making a decision.

We must all acknowledge that we constantly judge other people. Try your best to have honest and transparent motivations because they will aid in your ability to form fair assessments and clear decisions.

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