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Food of Goa that Will Make Your Mouth Water!

Goa is a state in India, located in the Deccan Plateau, along the western ghat bordering the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most popular tourist places in India, with an influx of at least 80 lakhs tourists visiting every year. This year, the Government of Goa introduced a program called “Monsoon Trekking” to explore hinterland tourism. 

From 1510 to 1961, Goa was a colony of the European country, Portugal. Hence, even though it has been more than half a century since they left, Portuguese culture and heritage still remains here as part and parcel of their rule for over 400 years. 

When you fly to Goa, you have to taste its unique cuisine! It’s mouthwateringly delicious and a must-try for every visitor! Come, let us explore some food of Goa


Also known as sarapatel, sorpotel is one of the most famous food in Goa. “Soro” is a word taken from Konkani – a language prominent in the Konkan region – that means alcohol or liquor. It is a curry made of red meat hat is both tangy as well as spicy. It originated in Portugal. It is now made in all along the Konkan region, that is, besides Goa, in Mangalore and Maharashtra. The making of sorpotel generally involves pork, though you can also see it being made with beef or mutton. 

You can taste the best sorpotel at eateries like Valanka Goa Sausages, Fatona, Gandaulim. 


Another dish influenced by the Portuguese culture, feijoada is a stew made of red beans, masala, and salted pork. Water or coconut milk is added for the gravy to add to its unique flavor and make it thicker. This dish is served with rice or pois. 

The more traditional form of feijoada involves the cheaper cuts such as pig ears, feet, and tail, and beef tongue. It is a popular food of Goa

The best place to try feijoada is Fernando’s Nostalgia.

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Prawns Xeque Xeque

A classic food of Goa, prawns xeque xeque has a flavor of its own that you might never have tasted before! It is made with prawns in a curry; added to it are coconut milk, tomatoes, green chillies, ginger, and onions. Mild spices are sprinkled to top it all. It is then served with sannas, dosas, or fugias. 

The best places in Goa to have prawns are Fat Fish, Purple Martini, and Sher E Punjab Classic. 


Bebinca is one of the most beloved and famous snacks of Goa. It consists of multiple layers and is prepared with coconut milk, sugar, eggs and flour. The batter that is now formed is poured into a pan; before lining it, it is backed layer by layer. The dish includes caramelized sugar to give the sweet a rich flavor. 

The best places in Goa to have Bebinca are Mr. Baker 1922, Viva Panjim, Martin’s Corner, and Toro Toro. 

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Goan Samosas

Samosas are a famous Indian snack that is available in pretty much every city of India. However, the samosas of Goa taste really different: Where usually samosa are made of potato, samosas here are made of beetroot, as well! In Goa, you can find samosas at pretty much every tea slow down or container. Remember to try these famous snacks of Goa when you visit there! 

Ros Omelet

Have you ever heard about Ros Omelet? This mouth-watering dish is a popular food in Goa, especially at night. It’s a unique kind of egg delicacy prepared using a special chicken gravy. The egg is later garnished with onion, and coriander, then dipped in the gravy. You can try this dish near Panjim Church at Ravi’s Ras Omelet Gaado. 

Pork Vindaloo 

Your trip to Goa is incomplete without trying the popular Pork Vindaloo – people from around the country head to Goa to try this special dish! Enriched with spicy flavors and vinegar, you will love its unique taste! You can try this dish at the various restaurants and roadside eateries here. 

Gadbad Ice Cream

Want to try a unique dessert in Goa? Then, taste the gadbad ice cream! This special summer delight is a must-try in Panjim. Different flavors of ice cream are served in a tall glass and this is topped with noodles and jelly! Can you believe this?! This special sweet treat is available at almost every local eatery here!

This is a list of some of the best food of Goa and where we can find them. Do contact Indian Eagle when you want to book cheap flights from USA to Goa

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