Gain deeper insight into SuiteCRM Backup and Restore Product

Taking Backup of every crucial file in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is very-very important. Nobody wants to take the risk of data theft and other malicious activity to happen. Better to take backup to stay safe and keep your business alive. Equip yourself with the best SuiteCRM software. We are introducing SuiteCRM Backup and Restore which is a complete solution to this problem. Taking backup is not so challenging. We will elaborate on this plugin below-

Introduction to SuiteCRM Database Backup and Restore

This product of Outright Store allows every user to take a backup of their files so that you never stay worried about any malicious activity. And your data will remain safe just like you needed. This extension is simple and user-friendly as managing the backup file can be done by any of your business team. The most important thing to uncover here is you can restore them on Remote servers.

  • This extension is for Unlimited users
  • It is supported in all SuiteCRM software version

We have a great story to tell about this rich Extension. Like everyone else, one of our clients was also worried about data theft. So his company always does this Data backup process so that they never meet with such a tough situation. But the thing is the company does the Backup process one by one manually. It was taking countless hours. After all, they can’t ignore this because it is a vital activity for their company.

After knowing his situation, we introduced the Product called SuiteCRM Backup and Restore. Now taking backup and managing is not such a tedious task for his company. Moreover, in one click they are now creating backups effortlessly. The company is happy with such an unrivaled extension.

Affordable or Costly for your CRM Software?

If this is the plugin your organization is looking for then buy now at the best price of $299.00 with Lifetime support. We made the Installation and Configuration of this extension easier. You can strive for a Free Product Tour with us. This helps to understand the extension quickly.

Updated Functionalities of SuiteCRM Database Backup

Some magnetic features are mandatory to explain here. The below-listed features can make your decision of purchasing this product for CRM.

  • One-click Backup of files is a key feature here. This saves your quality time and keeps you away from one-by-one manual processes. Users will always receive a Notification on each event.
  • Your Business team is allowed to configure the backup timing up to three times a day only. Get a complete overview of the data backup file such as the size of the file, who created it, the name of the file, and the list goes on.
  • Don’t think about your Data storage in CRM software. This add-on is a much more exceptional choice for businesses of all sizes. Set the time preference according to you and the data will be removed automatically. This SuiteCRM Backup plugin is highly profitable and worthy.
  • If you are worried about the recovery of your lost data then no need to fret any longer. This extension will handle this burden and will provide alleviate to your company. Recover the data from any secure location. Also, in just one click you will recover. We deleted all the long processes that took plenty of time and manual effort.
  • We have seen business employees spend too much time creating instance backups manually. Now creating the instance backup will be challenging for everybody. How? Thanks to the Automation here to save your precious time again.
  • From now onwards, create MySQL Backup automatically according to the user’s Timezone. Another advanced feature that you will hardly find on other products of CRM.

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