Get QuickBooks Network Connection Error Fixed Now

Are you tired of fixing the QuickBooks Network Connection Error and still struggling to fix it? This blog will guide you to fix your QuickBooks network connection issues in a short and brief way. But, first, let us explain it to you what is QuickBooks Network Connection Error? A user can face this QuickBooks Network Connection Error due to some network connectivity issues, QuickBooks either can’t connect to the company file on the server or to the online server to fetch the bank or payroll details. But you should not worry about the error much because this QuickBooks Network Connection Error can be solved quickly.

We are going to explain you the troubleshooting for QuickBooks Network Connection Error but still if you think that you cannot do it yourself feel free to ask our expert. They’re available at 1-855-948-3646 and will help you out in troubleshooting the error in no time and with the least effort possible

What has Caused QuickBooks Network Connection Error?

Before diving into how to fix the error, you must know what has caused it so that you avoid these it in future and be safe from situations like Network Connection error in QuickBooks. Some of the common causes of the errors are:

  1. As the name of the error suggests it is a network connection error that restricts QuickBooks from connecting to the company file on the server.
  2. You have recently installed some updates of QuickBooks on your system.
  3. This can also be caused by the installation of a Firewall or other security software which can affect QuickBooks network.

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How Can I fix QuickBooks Network Connection Error?

The Network Connection Error QuickBooks is not a complex error which you need to worry about. This error can be fixed quickly and once fixed you can resume your normal operations in QuickBooks where you took the break because of the occurrence of the error.

  1. First and foremost, go and check whether there’s any problem with your router or other internet sources that you are using.
  2. You can press F5 from the keyboard or Ctrl + R to redownload the entire page you are working on.
  3. Now check your computer on which the QuickBooks Network Connection Error has occurred if it is having any firewall software if yes, configure your firewall to not restrict QuickBooks.
  4. If you are unable to fix the QuickBooks Network Connection Error you can simply restart your QuickBooks and log in with your credentials to QuickBooks again.


Now that we have come to the end of the blog, we hope we were able to resolve your query regarding QuickBooks Network Connection Error. Do not panic if it is still not fixed. Some QuickBooks errors can be fixed only by the QuickBooks expert and we are here to help you out with your QuickBooks Network Connection Error. Our experts can help you troubleshoot the error in no time. They have years of experience in handling the QuickBooks errors and you can contact them at 1-855-948-3646 right now.

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