High Performance and Acceleration Car Customization Parts

carThere are many things that may inspire a car owner to go for car customization parts. Most of the time this is inspired by a driver’s personality. That is, the driver wanting to the car to be a representation of the type of person they are.

Car customization parts are either for aesthetics or performance purposes. For example, installing an interior car  customization design is meant to please the eyes instead of improving the car’s performance. But, in todays article we are not going to look into the aesthetics car customization parts. We are going to focus on performance modification parts  suitable for both manual and automatic transmission cars.

Types of car customizations.

Some small engine cc size cars need heavy performance modifications for their power output. That’s because their original manufacturer parts do not offer above average power production. For example a Subaru WRX with performance modifications generates higher performance power than the one that doesn’t have any customization.

Further, apart from performance and aesthetic modifications there are gravity force modifications. These help to increase the car’s gravity force. Afterwards this helps during corner navigation by making the vehicle much more stable during corner negotiation.

Additionally, the driver has the option of undertaking aerodynamic modifications. These types of modifications will involve the installation of new parts. For example, the installation of a tail fin. Further, aerodynamic modifications may involve adjustment of car height and removal of some OEM parts like the roof rack. Most of the time, aerodynamic modifications can be related with aesthetic modifications.

Car customization parts for performance.

These are the modifications parts that boost the engine’s power output. Hence increasing a car’s acceleration capacity.

1. Exhaust pipe.

A car’s original equipment manufacturer exhaust pipe comes with a number of functionalities whose purpose it to reduce fumes toxicity. In fact, this exhaust system has various mufflers, catalytic converters and twisting pipes tom improve the aspect of exhaust fumes purification. These installations hinder the free flow of air exiting the engine.

Performance exhaust pipes usually ensure a reduction of these restrictions. Note that this doesn’t make them less effective when it comes to exhaust fumes purification. But, they are modified to ensure free flow of air out of the engine as well as faster purification with minimum air flow restrictions.

Further, changing the exhaust pipes usually brings about a different engine sound. But this depends on the professional’s setting of the exhaust system. So this is something to consult with your professional service provider during exhaust pipe installation. Because sounds will be set as per your preferences.

2. ECU Remap.

A car can have multiple electronic control units for serving different purposes. ECUs control the various functions within a vehicle. For example, Safety features like the airbag, security features like doors, alarms, airbags and seat belts among others including engine power production and power steering.

So, how will an electronic control unit fit into a car’s performance enhancement? Firstly, it is one of the easiest installation for achieving power improvement especially for cars that are turbo engines. That’s because of the ease of installation.

The ECU remap taps into the car’s system and rewrites the software. This gives the car a new setup which allows the car to behave a little different in terms of some specific functions. Think of the ECU remap as a device that unlocks your engine’s hidden potentials that were concealed during manufacturing.

3. Cold air intake.

This performance modification is comparable to forced induction in turbo engines. Though your car’s engine may not be a turbo charger, this is the modification to go for. Because it gives a slightly similar effect. But the cold air intake isn’t as effective as the turbo charge.

A more similar installation to the cold air intake customization is the intercooler. Because of a principal shared by both; which is cooler air is better for your engine as it reduces heat. The cold air intake ensures minimum air resistance. Further, cold air intakes ensure the engine has a direct passage for cool air.

The cold air intake modifications have minimal performance improvement on their own. But if you couple it with other engine modifications then you will get better performance.

4. Forced Induction.

This involves the installation of turbo and super chargers. This is one of the best modifications for more engine power and acceleration. They relief the engine from relying on atmospheric pressure to pump air into the combustion chamber for burning fuel.

Superchargers and turbochargers compress air that goes into the engine. Secondly they forcibly push the air from the engine’s air intake into the combustion chamber. This increases the rate of the burning fuel for power production.

In fact this is a solution when your vehicle faces the reduced engine power mode. Although there are various reasons for the reduced engine power mode in your car that may have something to do with malfunctioning parts.


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