House For A Cat In The Interior

House For A Cat In The Interior

Many people consider cats full members of the family and want to make their life comfortable, but it is difficult to find furniture suitable for both pets and their owners. Thus, the interests of owners and animals collide with each other(House For A Cat).

Designers, however, have long offered a variety of options for reconciling different cat accessories and interior design styles without detracting from pet-friendly kennels and scratching posts.

All cats love to hide. You have probably already convinced yourself of this if at least once you left an ajar empty bag or box in the room, where the curious pet climbed right away.

In addition, long-tailed pets like to sleep on something soft.

They also love various labyrinths and minks.

Finally, furry pets sometimes need to sharpen their claws, and if they do not have a special place for this, they will use your new sofa or chair. Do not forget about the quality of materials, as well as the safety of the animal.

So how to combine all these devices and the interior of your apartment or house?

Designers can offer several options for a maze for cats.

Due to the color and appearance, such loophole houses in the photographs below are perfect for a minimalist interior or a room in the style of constructivism. Please note that on the platforms of one of the labyrinths there are mats for claws made of a special material.

A cat house can look like a fashion accessory if made from fabric or wool.
Wicker basket houses will suit the interior in Provence or country style.

Labyrinths can also be combined with a regular piece of furniture: a table, a bench, a bedside table or a wardrobe. The photo below shows a countertop with corridors and minks passing through it. It goes well with many modern interiors. Did you know what is the best product for cats carriers check this for more details at Love Cat Stuff.

The wooden bench of an unusual design in the following photos will appeal to both the owners and their active pets.

The lockers and bedside tables presented in the following photos, if chosen correctly, will not stand out from the rest of the interior, and at the same time your cat will like it. You can make them to order in any furniture workshop(House For A Cat).

The next box house can become part of the loft-style interior. It is made of concrete using a special technology that makes its surface softer.

Protest against inconvenience

Especially clean cats may refuse to go to the litter box if it is not clean enough or if there are extraneous odors in it. They may react in a similar way even if you just sprinkled the litter with a dirty shovel. Sometimes even debris and dirt next to the litter box can discourage a cat from going to this place.

Cat beds with a somewhat futuristic look with cozy pillows inside seem to be a copy of unusual modern chairs.

You can use other structures, such as flower stands, bookshelves, or even tree branches that cats will happily climb and rest on, looking down at you.

The safest and most inexpensive option for a house is a product made of very durable multilayer cardboard. It is sold in the form of already cut parts that can only be assembled. It is easy to attach a scratching post to the roof, and paint the walls in the desired color.

Many cat dwellings can be made independently. Use your imagination and you can easily create a home that is perfect for you and your pet.

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